[How to handle reservation calls] Explanation of the basics of customer service and things to be aware of


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For people working in the service industry, answering phone calls from customers is an unavoidable part of their daily work.

Reservation calls, in particular, come from customers who intend to use the store or service.

It is no exaggeration to say that the impression of a restaurant depends on how well it responds to telephone calls when making a reservation.

In this article, we will introduce tips on how to receive reservation calls that increase customer satisfaction, for those who answer phone calls at work.

Basic telephone etiquette

First of all, let’s check the etiquette when answering the phone.

take within 3 calls

When you receive a call, it is basic to pick it up within 3 rings.

If no one answers the call, some people hang up, wondering if there is anyone there or if they are too busy to take their hands off the phone.

In the case of a reservation phone call, the customer may give up on the reservation or go to another store because the phone is not connected.

In order not to miss out on customers who have made the effort to use the store, try to pick up the phone as soon as possible when it rings.

Correspondence is bright tone, easy to hear

For customers who use the store for the first time, the response to the reservation phone = the first impression of the store.

When answering the phone, try to be clear with a bright tone .

The point is to speak clearly and slowly so that the other person can easily hear you .

name the store first

In the case of a phone call, since the face cannot be seen, it can be difficult to know if the caller is connected.

If you continue talking without realizing that you made the wrong call, both parties will feel awkward later.

To make sure that you are connected to the correct person, when answering the phone, first give your store name or company name.

listen while taking notes

When answering the phone, get into the habit of writing down the person’s name, contact information, business, etc.

By writing down what you hear, you can avoid mistakes such as forgetting things while talking or misremembering after the call is over .

Repeat the purpose and the name of the person

Be sure to repeat the customer’s name and the request.

Even if you have misheard, you will have the opportunity to check and correct it if you repeat it.

In addition, not only listening, but speaking yourself will make it easier to remember, and it will also help prevent miscommunication .

Guidance on what to do when the person in charge is absent

If the call is addressed to another person in charge or if the content is unclear to you, we will handle the call for you.

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If the person in charge is not available and cannot answer the phone, it is common to call them back.

Check the contact information of the other party, the business, and the date and time when you can contact them, and then send a message to the person in charge.

If you would like the other party to call you back instead of calling you back, or if you wish to be contacted by other means such as email, please inform the person in charge.

How to respond to reservation calls and points

The process for making a reservation by phone is as follows.

  1. Ask about the date and time of use and service requests
  2. Check the reservation management table, etc., and let them know whether the reservation is possible or not.
  3. Ask for the other party’s name and contact information
  4. ask if you have any other requests
  5. Explain how to cancel
  6. Check for any questions
  7. Finish the call and write the contents of the reception on the reservation management table

I will explain the points that should be especially noted.

Be sure to check availability before receiving

Even though I made a reservation once, it was actually filled with another reservation on the day…

If you cancel your reservation for some reason, you will inevitably lose credibility.

When you ask for the date and time you want to make a reservation and the number of people, we will make sure to confirm whether it is possible to make a reservation on the spot before accepting it.

If you don’t know without asking the person in charge or the person in charge , don’t judge by yourself, take the call or call it back.

Ask for the name and contact information of the person making the reservation (user)

Even after accepting the reservation, there may be cases where we need to contact you by the day.

Ask for the person’s name and a phone number where you can be reached.

If the person who made the reservation is different from the person who will be using it on the day, please check who to contact.

Explain how to change or cancel a reservation

Even if you make a reservation, it is common for the schedule to change later or the number of people to increase or decrease.

However, the store may suffer damage due to cancellations or changes in the number of people due to customer convenience.

The trick to avoiding trouble is to always set rules for how to change or cancel a reservation, and to inform the customer at the time of booking .

Immediately write the reservation details into the management table

As soon as you receive a reservation, write it in the designated reservation management table .

It is important to always keep the store’s management table up to date , rather than just writing it down on a memo paper .

If you leave it as “no more later”, you may forget it, or another person may make a different reservation and it will be double booking, which will cause trouble.

Reception phrases and example sentences

There are some fixed phrases for answering the phone, and once you learn them, you can apply them to various cases.

Let’s master how to use phrases that are often used when responding to reservation calls.

basic response phrases

“Thank you for calling. This is ○○ (store name).”

When you answer the phone, first give your name. At this time, adding “thank you” to the first word softens the impression.

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“Do you have a date you would like?”

Unless you are a regular customer, it is rare that the other person will tell you all the information you need to make a reservation.

Ask questions about what you want to hear here .

“I will check it, so please wait a moment.”

This is a phrase to use when making someone wait or before placing them on hold to check availability or the presence of the person in charge.

If you hurriedly check and give the wrong guide, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

A word of caution gives you time to calm down and check things out.

“May I ask your name and contact information?”

When you want to ask about the other person, it will be polite to combine the humble expression of ” listen ” with “would you like to ask for permission ?”

“〇〇 (your name) has accepted.”

If you don’t know who the person in charge of receiving the call is, you will be unsure if your message was really received, and if something happens, it will be difficult to confirm the background.

When you receive a reservation, let’s tell the other person the name of the person in charge who received it.

Phrases for when you cannot accept or respond to reservations

“I’m sorry, but we’re fully booked for 00:00 on 00:00 on 00:00. We’ll be open from 00:00. Would you mind?”

If you are unable to make a reservation for the desired date and time, apologize with an apology such as “I’m sorry” and state the reason why you are unable to make the reservation.

At this time, if there are vacancies before or after, or if another person in charge can handle it, you may suggest it.

“I can’t figure it out, so I’ll connect you to the person in charge (I’ll look it up and get back to you)”

If you are unable to answer or make a decision on the content of a question, use the expression “I don’t understand.”

Also, don’t just say, “I don’t know,” and be sincere in your response, such as asking someone who understands, or calling back .

“I’m sorry. Unfortunately, the person in charge is out of the office (going out). I’ll get back to you as soon as I get back.”

This phrase is used when the person in charge is not available and the call cannot be answered immediately.

Listen to your business and ask the person in charge to call you back .

[By industry] Points to note when accepting reservations

There are the following items that need to be heard at the time of reservation reception.

  • date and time
  • number of people
  • Use service plan
  • Member registration or user ID number
  • Use of coupons and points

In addition to the above, there are other points that you should check when making a reservation, depending on the type of business and service content. If you have a manual at work, read it.

For restaurant reservations

At restaurants, if there are different types of seats (table/tatami room, non-smoking/smoking, private room, terrace, counter, etc.), if you confirm your preference at the time of booking, allocation will be smooth .

If you ask customers with children about their wishes for a children’s menu, chairs, and tableware, they will not be in a hurry when they come to the store.

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When making a restaurant reservation, you may receive various other requests .

For beauty salon/hospital appointments

When you make an appointment at a beauty salon or hospital, we may appoint a beautician or attending doctor.

Ask if there is a nomination and confirm that the person in charge has an available schedule before accepting the reservation .

If the nominated person’s schedule does not fit, we will inform you of a slot that can be booked in the near future or check if another person can be used.

For hotel/ryokan reservations

When making a reservation, ask about your arrival time (check-in time) and make sure it is within the reception hours .

Also, if you use a car, ask if you need a parking lot and secure it so that you won’t be able to park because it’s full when you arrive.

Reservation calls are automatically converted to text! Canario forwarding service

Responding to reservation calls with many items to confirm.

If there is a mistake or if the contact with the person in charge does not go smoothly, the customer’s evaluation will also go down.

In order to respond smartly, it is best to have a skilled person in charge respond directly.

In NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service Canario, AI recognizes the name of the person in charge and forwards the call.

Smooth intermediation can be realized without taking time to confirm the presence.

In addition, if the person in charge cannot answer or calls after hours, the answering machine will be automatically converted into text and sent to the person in charge. Prevents opportunity loss due to missed calls.


Speed ​​and accuracy are important when responding to reservation calls.

In order to handle reservations smoothly, it is necessary to acquire basic telephone skills.

If the reception of reservation calls is a burden on the site, please consider using the next-generation call forwarding service Canario, where AI handles calls on behalf of you.