How to delete zoom account manually from the administrator screen


  1. Sign in to the Zoom administrator screen.
  2. Click [ User] in thesidebar
  3. Click the [ More ▼] button to the right of the name of the user you want to delete.
  4. Click the Deletebutton.

Frequently Asked Questions


Click on User Management from the main navigation menu and then on Users from the drop-down menu. Next to the admin user, you will find an Edit button that you can click on. The user’s role for the website can be changed by clicking the drop down menu that appears next to the User Role field in the user’s profile, which is located in the User Role field for the user. Your account should now be able to be unlinked from the user you were trying to unlink.
To access Zoom’s web portal, you will need to sign in. The first thing you should do is click on Room Management, and then Zoom Rooms. An administrator can be created for a specific location or room by using the location hierarchy. Create an admin for your entire account by clicking Account Settings and then clicking Add an Admin.
The owner is the one who has all the privileges and is responsible for managing all the roles. Users can be added, removed, or edited by an administrator. The platform provides advanced features, including APIs, SSO, and the ability for you to manage your meetings from multiple locations. It is not possible for members to be administratively responsible.
  1. 1.888.799.9666.
  2. Please contact the sales department for more information.
  3. We offer a variety of plans at different prices.
  4. Let us show you how it works by requesting a demo.
  5. Events and webinars will be held throughout the year.
A meeting ID is used to identify the meeting that is scheduled for a particular day and time

In the Meetings tab of the Zoom web portal, you will be able to see, start or delete each meeting ID, which is scheduled to take place in the near future or in the past. The website, mobile app, and desktop client of Zoom allows users to view, start, edit, or delete the upcoming meeting IDs on their calendar on any of the three platforms: mobile, tablet, and desktop. The Meetings tab can be accessed by clicking or tapping on it.


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