How to Customize your Zoom profile

Zoom allows you to update certain information about yourself, including your name, e-mail address, password, and gender, among other things

Meeting IDs, email addresses, and more can be found in the event information. Users who access your account can see a little bit of this information, such as your name, department, and job title.

You must be the account owner or administrator to make changes to certain settings.

How to acces your profile

  1. Access Zoom’s web portal by signing in
  2. and clicking Zoom room display. If the video is off, this will show or hide your name or Profile.
    Here are the settings that can be edited:

Profile information and picture section

Profile Picture:

You can edit or add your profile picture by clicking on it. On your current picture, you have the option of adjusting the crop area or you can upload a new picture. The profile picture can be deleted by clicking the delete button.

Profile information:

To update your profile information, click the Edit button on the right side:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Display Name:
  • On Zoom, you’ll see this name listed on your profile, displaying on your profile card in meetings and webinars, as well as on your profile page on the Zoom website. Chinese characters are supported up to a maximum of 10 characters per display name.
  • It is possible that your account administrator has prevented you from changing your display name, if you are unable to do so. To make any changes you need to contact your account administrator.
  • Pronouns:
  • If you want to share your pronouns during meetings and webinars, you’ll need to provide your pronouns. The feature is only available in Zoom versions 5.7.0 and higher.
  •  Your account administrator may have disabled you from changing your pronouns if you do not seem to be able to do so. In order to change your pronouns, please contact your account administrator.
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Location

The hovering of the mouse over your profile picture in Zoom’s desktop client during the presentation of your profile details will reveal your profile picture, display name, pronouns, phone number, department, job title and location to other users.

Personal section


In your profile, you may add a maximum of three external telephone numbers. When you click Add Phone Numbers, you will be able to insert a phone number. You will be prompted to verify the newly added external number by Zoom before it appears in your profile. In both the desktop client and the mobile app, you will see these phone numbers on your profile page. If a user hovers over or taps on the profile picture, they can view your profile card.

  • There are many options to choose from in the drop-down menu that will allow you to apply a label to a phone number when it is entered as a phone number in the Add phone number field – such as Mobile, Office, Home, or Fax. You have the option of labeling the items in the Zoom desktop and mobile apps, as well as with Zoom Phone and SMS, so other users can easily find you.
  • Note:
  •  It is possible to add Zoom Phone direct numbers directly into the Zoom Phone profile card in the desktop client or the Zoom Phone mobile app, and they will display automatically under Direct Number in your profile card. Zoom Phone numbers do not have to be added to the Zoom Phone profile.

Zoom Phone:

When you have a Zoom Phone license, this section displays your direct phone number (if you have been given one), company number, and extension if you have them setup.

Time Zone:

Changing the time zone for Zoom desktop, mobile, and provisioned desk phones can be done through the Zoom website.

Date Format:

Make sure your region’s date format is correct by editing the date format.


Zoom’s web portal allows you to set the default language.

Date and Time:

To help you adjust your time zone, date format, and time format, click Edit and I’ll let you know how to do it.

Whenever this setting is applied to Zoom Phone, it will also apply to all licenses of Zoom Phone you have. In order to ensure that your call statistics, recordings, voicemail messages, and business hours are accurate, you should ensure your time zone is set correctly.

Meeting section

Personal Meeting ID:

You can edit the ID for your personal meetings on the right side of the screen, or you can choose to use your personal meeting ID for instant meetings by clicking the option to the right.

Personal Link:

You can set a personal link on your Business or Education account, if you have a paid license on your account. For assistance setting up a personal link or editing an existing link, click on Customize on the right.

Host Key:

Approximately three minutes later, you will be able to see your host key if you click on the closed eye icon. Changing your host key is possible by clicking on Edit, and you will be able to alter it.

Account section


You can access the licenses and add-ons assigned to you by going to the Licenses tab. If you want to know more about a certain license or feature, then select the question mark (?). Zoom Phone license holders will see their calling packages when they log into their Zoom Phone account. Additionally, this section will also display the number of meeting rooms available for your use as well as your webinar capacity. You can achieve this by purchasing and assigning different licenses to the users.

Account No:

Below the name of your account, you will find the account number. We would be able to locate your account faster if you let us know this information if you call Zoom support for assistance.

Sign In section

Email:

If you want to change the email address and password for signing in, click on Edit on the right side of the page. For further information about changing your email address or if you are unable to access the Edit option, please follow the instructions on this page.

Password:

For changing your password for logging in, click on Edit to the right of the sign in box. However, if you are using SSO, this option will not be available.

Linked Account:

The account that you have linked can be used to sign in to the site. The double sign-on mechanism can be used for example.

Sign Me Out from All Devices:

Log out of all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablets. For older versions of Zoom, after you have signed out, you will have to change your password. Having this feature as a backup will be convenient if you misplace a device on which Zoom is installed and signed in.

Others section

User Group:

Your account owner or administrator assigns you to certain user groups.

Calendar and Contacts Integration:

Integration of Google Calendar and Google Contacts with Office365 and Exchange can be set up or changed.

Transit Data:

Meetings and webinars can be hosted in different data centers.


Frequently Asked Questions


If you want to change the appearance of your video to an avatar, you should follow these steps:
  1. Open the Zoom app on your mobile device and sign in.
  2. Tap More in the controls when you are in a Zoom meeting or webinar.
  3. Then you will need to tap Background and Effects.
  4. Avatars can be found under the Avatars tab.
  5. If you would like to apply an avatar, you need to tap on it.
  6.  Note:  For each animal option, you will be able to choose between a hooded version and a version adorned with a T-shirt.
How to change your Zoom profile picture on the website
  1. If you need to log in on the Zoom website, head to your Profile page, and then click on the Log in button on the page.
  2. If you would like to change your profile picture, click the Change button next to your current picture. The current profile picture can be changed by clicking on the icon next to it. …
  3. Choose a new picture from your computer or phone, crop it, then select Save as a new picture from your computer or phone.
  1. With the Zoom web client, you can join a Zoom meeting from anywhere at any time.
  2. Click on the Participants button on the Zoom in-meeting controls.
  3. Click the More icon when your mouse is over your name, then hover your mouse over it.
  4. You will be able to rename your file by clicking Rename. You will then be presented with a pop-up box.
  5. Enter the display name you would like to appear in the pop-up box.
  6. Change the setting by clicking the Change button.
There may be times when you wish to show your profile picture rather than the live video of a Zoom Meeting while you are in the middle of one. Having a preview screen will enable you to add or edit your profile picture, all you have to do is right click on it and select the option.
What is Zoom Bombing?
  1. It is not a good idea to share meeting links publicly. Make sure only the people who are supposed to be attending the meeting have access to the meeting links. …
  2. Make a waiting room for your guests. …
  3. Passwords are a great way to protect your meetings. …
  4. If you want to share your screen, make sure that only the hosts can do so. …
  5. Your meeting has been locked.
  6. Authentication of participants should be required.
  7. Kick them out if you are in doubt!

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