How to check the product key of Office [for Microsoft 365]

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Microsoft 365 is a new form of licensing that allows Office apps to be used on a subscription basis.
No setup media is required, just sign in with your account and you can immediately install and start using Office over the network wherever you are, whether at home, in the office, or on a business trip.

In this article, we will explain how to obtain and check the “product key”, which is one of the Microsoft 365 licensing forms.


How to get Microsoft 365 product key

For Microsoft 365, the form of license provision differs depending on the retailer and purchase method.

A product key will be issued in the following cases:

  • Purchased a card-type license at a retail store
  • Purchased from an online store other than Microsoft

If you purchase a Microsoft 365 license from Microsoft’s official online store, the license will be registered to the purchased account and a product key will not be issued.

*If you purchase an Office perpetual license or an individual Office app instead of a Microsoft 365 plan, a product key will be issued.

How to check the purchased product key

A Microsoft 365 product key is required the first time you install Office.

Make sure you have your product key handy before starting the installation process.

The confirmation method differs depending on the store where you purchased it and the type of license.

POSA card version, pre-installed version

The card-type Microsoft 365 license sold at retail stores is called a ‘POSA card’, and the product key is listed on the card.

Also, if you purchase a laptop with Office, the license for Office 2019, etc. that comes with it will be a “pre-installed version”, and a product key card will be included when the computer is delivered.

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The product key for the pre-installed version is exclusive to the PC purchased at the same time and cannot be reused.

Please note that using this product key to install Office on other computers is a violation of the license.

online code version

If you purchased from the online store, you will receive the product key by email. < /p>

If you can’t find the email, check to see if it’s in your spam folder.

Depending on the store where you purchased the product, you may be able to check the product key in the purchase history of My Page.

How to check on a PC with Microsoft 365 products installed

The Microsoft 365 product key is already used when you register your account and cannot be reused.

You won’t enter the same code again, but if you have multiple Microsoft 365 license keys, it can be confusing to know which code is unused and which has been used.

The product key used to install Microsoft 365 can be checked from the installed Windows PC.

However, please note that the full product key is not displayed and only the last 5 digits are visible.

Steps to check with Command Prompt

  1. Press “Windows key” and “R” at the same time to launch “Run”.
  2. Type “cmd” and click “OK” to run Command Prompt.
  3. Type the command described below, press Enter, and wait for the results to appear.
  4. The last 5 digits of the product key are displayed in the “Last 5 Characters of installed product key” field.

The commands you enter at the command prompt depend on the combination of Windows bitness and Microsoft 365 version.

Please enter the one that applies to your environment.

If the bit version of Windows and Microsoft 365 are the same

cscript “%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs” /dstatus

If you have a 32-bit version of Microsoft 365 installed on a 64-bit version of Windows

cscript “%programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs” /dstatus

What to do if it is lost or cannot be confirmed

What should I do if I lose or do not know my product key?

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  • Whether the product key is unused
  • where did you buy it from

Please Confirm.

No pre-entered code required

With Microsoft 365, once you register the product key to your account, you can download the Office installer any number of times by signing in with the same account.

You don’t need to re-enter the product key even if you want to add a new device or change your computer and move Office.

Updates to the latest version are also automatic as long as the product key has not expired.

If you have already registered, there is no problem even if you do not know the product key.

If you lose it before use, contact support

If you lose the product key before registering it, you will have to look for it or take the procedure to reissue it.

If you purchased the license from an agency, the store may be able to handle it, so first contact the store where you purchased it.

If you purchased it from an online store, please check your email and purchase history again.

If you can’t find it, or if the card is damaged and you can’t read the text, Microsoft support may be able to replace it if you have proof of purchase.

Try contacting them from Microsoft’s support page ( ).

For those who are considering introducing Microsoft 365

For those who do not have a license for Microsoft 365.

“Microsoft 365” is a solution that provides Microsoft services such as Office apps on a subscription basis.

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation recommends the introduction of Microsoft 365 for business efficiency improvement.

The contract benefits of Mictosoft 365 are as follows.

  • Cloud storage and communication tools are bundled and advantageous
  • Get the latest version of Office
  • Can be used for as long as you want
  • Can be installed on multiple devices
  • Easy license management

Article Summary

  • Product keys for Microsoft 365 are issued when purchased at retail stores, EC shops, etc.
  • Confirm the purchased product key by “POSA card” or “email”
  • On a Windows PC with Microsoft 365 installed, you can check the last 5 digits of the product key you used.
  • There is no problem even if the used product key is lost
  • If you lose or damage an unused product key, check your purchase history or email, or contact your retailer or Microsoft support.
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With Microsoft 365, once you register the product key to your account, you can use it only by signing in to your account, so the risk of losing your license is very low.

Also, even if you do not update the app manually, it will be automatically updated during the contract period and you can use the latest version.

With Microsoft 365, you don’t need maintenance such as license management or updates, and you can always use it comfortably.

If you are considering introducing Microsoft 365 or switching from an Office perpetual license, please contact us.