How to chat during a Zoom meeting

You can send chat messages with participants during a meeting.

You can send private messages to individual users or send messages to the entire group.

Hosts can choose who can chat, or disable the use of chats as a whole.

In-meeting chats can be saved manually or automatically. When chats are saved automatically, chats in the meeting will be saved locally on the computer. You can also save manually when starting local or cloud recording.

Start a chat during a meeting

Full view of video only or screen sharing

  1. During a meeting , click Chat in Meeting Control .

The chat opens on the right. Enter a message in the chat box.
To send a message to a specific person, [ the destination and then click next to the drop-down].

When a new chat message is received, a preview of the message is displayed and the chat flashes orange on the host control.

Screen sharing

  1. While sharing the screen , click [ Details ] on the meeting control and select [ Chat ].
  1. The chat window will pop up.
  2. If a new chat message is received during screen sharing, the [ Details] button flashes orange.
  1. You can check the chat by clicking [ Details ] and then [ Chat ] to open a window.

Chat during a meeting from your mobile device

  1. During the meeting, tap the screen to display the controls.
  2. Tap [ Participant ].
  1. Click [ Chat ].

Enter a chat message and click Send .
If you want to change the message destination, click the arrow next to Send To and select another user or group of users.

The received chat is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you can view the message by clicking Participant > Chat .


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