How to change the scheduled zoom meeting time

There are three ways to change it.

1 Edit from the screen logged in with browser

  1. Log in to My Meeting .
  2. Select the corresponding meeting
  3. Scroll down and click “Edit this meeting” .
  4. Change to the content you want to change, and [Save]

2Change the schedule on the calendar side that is linked

  1. Select the corresponding event in the linked calendar, and click [Edit].
  2. Change the content you want to change, and then click Save.

Edit specific meetings from the 3Zoom app

  1. Click Meeting, and then click Edit for the meeting you want to change.

Change the date and time you want to change and the required time, and click [Save] .


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Frequently Asked Questions


How to view and edit meetings
  1. Switch to the calendar view in the Outlook desktop app.
  2. You can view the details of a Zoom meeting by double-clicking it.
  3. Edit the event by clicking Edit.
  4. On the top toolbar, click the three dots and select Zoom. …
  5. Zoom can be accessed by clicking the Settings button.
  6. Click Update to apply your changes to the meeting options.



Meetings can be created with a duration set. You will not be automatically stopped if your meeting runs over time. There is no time limit on how long the meeting can last.
The Zoom meeting link, password, etc., that are used for the recurring meetings will remain the same. Whenever you start the meeting, the recording will begin if the meeting is set to automatically record.
In order to edit the meeting directly in the Zoom App, the primary host must log in to the app. Default permissions for editing a scheduled meeting are limited for alternate hosts, but they can control meeting functions within the meeting.


Schedule a time and date for your meeting, but remember that you can start your meeting earlier or later. Manually entering is also possible.
It is possible for participants to join the meeting if it starts early. Requesting to enter the meeting room does not require them to wait for the given time.
As long as the host scheduled the meeting with specific settings configured, participants can start or join Zoom meetings without the host present. To allow participants to join before the host, the host must disable the waiting room feature when scheduling a meeting.
If the host who schedules is unable to start the meeting, the Alternative Host option allows you to designate another Conservatoire Licensed user to begin it.In this case, the person assigned as the Alternative Host will become the Host, not the host who scheduled the meeting.

Be on time.

It would be helpful if you could arrive 5 minutes early for the meeting using the method of your choice. Video is a great way to connect. Meetings become more personal when this is done.



The ideal meeting length can’t be determined, but given the meeting’s goals, Dr. Rogelberg recommends keeping the meeting short. Make sure your meetings are no longer than 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 25 minutes.

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