How to Auto Forward Calls on iPhone? Explain how to set


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Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily lives.

Among them, the iPhone is a popular model that accounts for about 60% of the Japanese smartphone market.

Now, it is not only used as a phone, but also used in various scenes such as LINE, maps, cameras, and QR payments.

It is also a feature of the iPhone that the functions are substantial, and it is possible to set automatic forwarding of calls with just the standard function.

Also, among iPhone users, there are those who think , “I want to consolidate incoming calls to other phones on my iPhone,” and “If I could forward incoming calls from landline phones to my iPhone, I could go out or work from home.” You must be here.

This article will show you how to forward calls on iPhone.

If you have an iPhone or are considering buying one, please refer to it.

How to forward incoming calls on iPhone

How to forward incoming calls on your iPhone to another phone number.

It can be used when you have two smartphones and it is troublesome to carry both of them, or when you want to request support for your work mobile phone while you are on vacation.

iPhone standard functions

With the iPhone, you can transfer calls with the standard function.

However, only “unconditional forwarding”, which immediately forwards all incoming calls, can be set only with the standard function .

  1. Tap “Settings“.
  2. Tap “Phone”.
  3. Tap “Auto Call Forwarding”.
  4. Turn on Automatic Call Forwarding.
  5. Enter the forwarding destination.
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Once the settings are complete, the status in the Control Center will change to a transferring icon.

If you want to stop forwarding calls, switch off “Auto Call Forwarding”.

If “automatic call forwarding” does not appear

If you don’t see “Auto Call Forwarding”, it may be because your iPhone’s iOS version is old.

Try updating to the latest version of iOS by following the steps below.

  1. Tap “Settings“.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Software Update to update to the latest version.

mobile phone forwarding service

In addition to unconditional forwarding, if you want to make detailed settings such as ringing time and guidance, a mobile carrier’s call forwarding service is convenient .

The services provided by each company are as follows.

application Monthly usage fee
NTT Docomo “Call Forwarding Service” need free
Softbank “Call forwarding” unnecessary free
au “Call forwarding service” unnecessary free

Advance application is required only for DOCOMO’s Call Forwarding Service, but the procedure can be easily completed online or by phone.

How to transfer from landline to iPhone

If you want to use your company’s landline phone when you are away from home or telework, it would be convenient to be able to forward calls to your mobile phone.

Here are two ways to transfer from landline to iPhone.

Fixed line forwarding service

The first is to use a call forwarding service provided by your landline carrier.

Initial cost/construction cost Monthly usage fee (for office)
*Tax included
NTT East/West “Voice Warp” Analog line/ISDN line free Hikari line 2,000 yen Analog line/ISDN line 880 yen Hikari line 550 yen
SoftBank “Multi-Function Forwarding” free 880 yen
au Hikari “call forwarding service” free 550 yen

A carrier’s call forwarding service is a service that forwards landline calls to another number.

After applying, you can use it by dialing a landline phone or performing simple settings from the web page.

Since it uses a telephone line for communication, it is characterized by high call quality after transfer.

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However, you can only specify one number to forward calls to. It is not possible to answer the phone with multiple people like in the office.

When using it for telework, phone calls will be concentrated on one person, so it is necessary to devise ways to prevent the burden of work from being uneven.

Use cloud PBX

The second method is to use a cloud PBX to extend the iPhone (iPhone).

If you use a cloud PBX that builds a PBX (telephone exchange) on the Internet, you will be able to receive calls on devices such as personal computers and smartphones.

“Smartphone extension” is a hot topic now, which allows you to install an extension app on your smartphone, assign an extension number, transfer your company’s landline phone, and make extension calls between smartphones.

Cloud PBX allows you to transfer calls to multiple numbers, so you can call team members and have someone available to answer the call.

If you make a call from the extension app, you can make a call with the company number, and calls between employees are treated as extensions and do not incur call charges . and time should be allowed.

If you want to receive company calls on your smartphone, “Canario”

If the purpose of call forwarding is to “respond to landlines”, it is expected that the number of forwarded calls will increase to some extent, so it is necessary to think of ways to reduce the burden on employees.

In addition, the ideal service is a service that meets the following conditions.

  • Cost performance is high
  • Easy to set up
  • Ready to use

In the call forwarding service “Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration, AI takes the place of the employee’s primary phone call, eliminating the need for a phone number in the first place.

If there is a name of the person in charge, the call is automatically transferred to the mobile phone of the person in charge.

If the person in charge is unknown, call all team members all at once.

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If you can’t respond, the message will be converted into text and notified by email or chat.

You don’t need to purchase a dedicated device, just a browser (Chrome, Safari) is OK, so you can use your current iPhone as it is, which is economical.

If you have “Canario” and an iPhone, you can simultaneously achieve teleworking and automation for landlines.

Article Summary

I showed you how to transfer calls using an iPhone.

Not only as a mobile phone, but also a way to use the iPhone as a landline substitute has also appeared.

Combine iPhone and call forwarding to realize a work style that is not bound by time and place.