How to Add and share your pronouns in Zoom App

Providing opportunities to share more about yourself is a key component of our fundamental Zoom value and we understand it is essential for improving every Zoom participant’s experience. Many of our diverse users find pronouns to be an essential part of how they express themselves and refer to each other in a respectful way. The pronoun sharing feature can be of particular importance to LGBTQ community members, however, we are also aware that using pronouns on our platform allows our users to be more comfortable sharing about themselves and to be treated with more respect.

In order to add your pronouns directly to your user account, you can use the Pronouns feature.

It is important to note that after adding your pronouns to your profile, your contacts will see them included in your Zoom profile on Zoom desktop client, Zoom Rooms app, and Zoom mobile app. Additionally, you have the choice of whether your pronouns will be shown if you are hosting a meeting or participating in one, or if one of you is hosting or moderating a webinar. It is never possible to see the pronouns used by webinar attendees.

The Pronouns feature is available by default in free Basic accounts and those with a single user licensed account. Account owners or administrators must enable Pronouns at the account level for all other account types.


  • If you want to use the Pronouns feature of the Zoom desktop client, you must update to version 5.7.0.
  • You might be unable to change your pronouns if your admin does not allow it. To make any changes directly to your account, please contact your account admin.

Prerequisites for adding and sharing your pronouns

  • This is the desktop client for Zoom
    • For Windows: 5.7.0 or greater
    • For Mac: 5.7.0 or greater
    • For Linux: 5.7.0 or greater
  • The Zoom mobile application
    • Requires Android version 5.7.0 or greater
    • As well as iOS version 5.7.0 or greater

How to add pronouns to your profile

Be sure to include your pronouns in your profile and determine when to share them during meetings or during webinars.

  1. Using your Zoom account information, you can sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Then click the profile link on the left side of the page.
  3. After you click Edit, you will be taken to a page where you can edit your profile details.
  4. Please enter your pronouns where it is indicated.
  5. In the How do you want to share your pronouns? Section, please indicate your pronouns. You can choose one of the following options from the drop-down list:
    • Always share in meetings and webinars:
    • When hosting or joining any meetings, as well as any webinars that you are a panelist or host for, your pronouns will show up next to your display name automatically.
    • Ask me every time after joining meetings and webinars:
    • It is the responsibility of the host to verify the accuracy of the information in the meeting packet, and the host is responsible for ensuring the pronouns appear next to the name in the meeting packet and in any webinars you are a host or panelist for.
    • Do not share in meetings and webinars:
    • Any meetings or webinars you attend do not display your pronouns next to your display name. Instead, you will need to manually select whether your pronouns should be used.
    • It can still be possible for pronouns to appear in your profile card and to be visible to your Zoom contacts, even if you decide not to share them during meetings or webinars if you include them in the PronounSelect Save.your profile.
  6. Click Save.

How to share and unshare your pronouns in a meeting or webinar

The decision to share or unshare your pronouns can be made at any time during a meeting or webinar.


Any meeting you host or attend will be able to use your pronouns if you choose. The webinar host and panelist are the only ones who can use their pronouns. A webinar attendee‘s pronouns are never shown.

Sharing your pronouns when prompted

Upon joining meetings and webinars in the Zoom web portal, you would be asked every time you join meetings and webinars if you want your pronouns shared, and you would need to accept each time you host or join, or host or participate in a webinar hosted by you.

  1. Start or join a meeting, start or join a webinar as a host, or become a panelist for a webinar.
    You will see a prompt on the main screen of the meeting/webinar that gives you the option of not sharing the content and sharing it.
  2. You will be asked whether you would like to share your pronouns during the webinar or meeting, and when you answer yes, click Share.
    In the participant video or thumbnail as well as in the Participants list, the pronouns will be displayed next to the display name and box next to your display name.

Manually sharing your pronouns

Windows | macOS | Linux

  1. In the control toolbar of the meeting, click the Participants button.
  2. Click the More button next to your name.
  3. Now you can choose how you want to share your pronouns.
    In your participant video or thumbnail, your pronouns will appear next to your display name, and in the list of participants, they will appear below your display name.

It is also possible to click the top-right corner of your video thumbnail, and then select Share My Pronouns from the dropdown.

Android | iOS

  1. Tap the Participants tab in the meeting control toolbar.
  2. Then, tap your name.
  3. You will be prompted to share your pronouns.
    In the video or thumbnail for your participation, you will see your pronouns next to your display name, and in the list of participants those pronouns will appear beside your display name.

Unsharing your pronouns

Pronouns can be unshared at any time.

Windows | macOS | Linux

  1. Select the Participants option from the toolbar located at the bottom of the meeting controls.
  2. Click More when your name appears in the list.
  3. Remove the pronouns that were shared with you.
    You will no longer see pronouns next to your display name as a result of this action.

It is also possible to select the top-right corner of your video thumbnail and click on Unshare My Pronouns after clicking on the thumbnail.

Android | iOS

  1. Tap participants in the toolbar of the meeting control panel.
  2. Select your name from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can now turn off the sharing of your gender pronouns.
    The words in your display name will no longer display your gender pronouns.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Zoom team has been doing the same thing ourselves for quite some time now. Hence, we are ecstatic to announce, today, the launch of Zoom 5.7 which comes with a new feature, Pronouns.
If you would like to add your pronouns to your name, you should put them in parenthesis after it. You can use this to make sure you are respecting everyone’s pronouns while making it easier for people to declare their own, which can be a helpful way to make sure you are being respectful.

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