How are you handling phone calls while working remotely? Let’s solve the problem with the forwarding service!


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Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection and work style reforms, the number of companies that have introduced remote work / telework has increased rapidly.

Some companies have been carefully preparing for the introduction of remote work / telework, but it is not uncommon for companies to rush into remote work / telework in a situation where they have no choice but to adapt to the trend of the times.

Many companies that have made preparations in a hurry are finding it difficult to answer the phone during remote work and telework.

Some companies have specific employees come to work as phone numbers, but there is a risk that employees will feel that this is unfair.

Using a call forwarding service is an effective solution to the problem of answering calls during remote work and telework.

In this article, we will explain the problems that companies face in responding to calls during remote telework, and the features of call forwarding services that can be a solution to those problems.

We will also introduce a convenient service that allows you to forward incoming calls to mobile phones and smartphones that employees already have, so please make use of it.

Many companies have problems with telephone correspondence during remote work

Many companies have problems with answering phones during remote work and telework, but there are three reasons for this.

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For now, let’s first check why the problem occurs in order to eliminate it.

The employee on the phone number must come to work

At the start of remote work/telework, if you do not create an environment where employees outside the company can take calls, you will be asked to come to work as a phone number for a specific employee.

Some employees will feel unfair.

There is also a method of making the telephone number on duty, but this method takes time and effort to transfer work, and there is concern that productivity will decrease.

It may lead to opportunity loss as a company

Starting remote work or telework without preparing an environment where you can take calls outside the company may lead to a large opportunity loss for the company.

This is because the number of employees answering the phone at the company will be less than usual .

Since the number of calls that employees can take is reduced, there will be fewer opportunities to talk with customers.

Due to the fact that the phone cannot be connected, the customer may change their mind and think, “Let’s ask another company.”

Therefore, not solving the problem of telephone correspondence during remote work / telework may lead to opportunity loss.

Use call forwarding services/features to deal with problems

A call forwarding service, as the name suggests, is a service that forwards incoming calls to another number.

By using this service, even if a landline phone installed in the company is contacted during remote work or telework, the incoming call is transferred to a mobile phone or smartphone outside the company, so the problems introduced above can be solved. increase.

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However, since it costs a certain amount to use a call forwarding service, it is not a good idea to decide to introduce it easily.

Take into account the number of calls to your company’s landline phone, the number of remote work/telework systems implemented, and the frequency of use by employees. please.

One of the ways to transfer incoming calls to mobile phones/smartphones of employees working remotely! What is “Canario” that AI automatically responds to?

Canario is a call forwarding service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

If you introduce this call forwarding service where AI automatically accepts incoming calls, there is no need for employees to come to the office to answer the phone.

AI recognizes the name and automatically relays the call to the employee in charge. For this reason, even if the employee is working remotely or teleworking, there is no problem and the incoming call will be forwarded to the mobile phone / smartphone of the employee outside the company.

Canario, which is a call forwarding service, also has many other features such as a text/voice answering machine function that is useful when an employee cannot respond to an incoming call transferred to a mobile phone or smartphone, and a call reception function. there is.

As a way to solve the problems that tend to occur during remote work and telework, why not consider registering and applying for the call forwarding service Canario?

A free trial is available for 31 days now.