[Handling business calls] Let’s learn the basic manners when making a call or forwarding calls


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When answering phone calls at a company, there are many opportunities to transfer calls to other people.

Although you would like to transfer quickly without making the other party wait, sometimes it is difficult to reach out to the person in charge because the person in charge is busy.

Call handling is a task that requires good manners and consideration for both the person on the other end of the call and the person in charge.

In order to be able to handle calls smoothly and comfortably, it is important to remember the etiquette for handling and forwarding calls.


how to receive a call

First of all, let’s check the etiquette when answering the phone.

Bright first impression

For faceless calls, the tone of voice of the first responder determines the company’s impression.

When answering the phone, try to speak brightly and clearly, with a higher tone than usual.

When you answer the phone, give your name here

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases where people do not give their name when receiving a call from an unknown number on their mobile phone.

This is unavoidable in the sense of vigilance against nuisance calls.

However, when answering company calls, it is NG not to give your name .

When you pick up the phone, say, “Thank you for calling. I’m XX from the general affairs department of 〇〇 Corporation.”

ensure a quiet environment

If the surroundings are noisy, you may miss the contents of the phone call.

It may give the customer the impression that you are a noisy company, and the chat may contain things that you do not want to hear.

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While you are on the phone, ask for help from people around you and try to keep the conversation as quiet as possible.

Business etiquette for referrals

It would be embarrassing for the person in charge if someone suddenly answered the phone without knowing what kind of business it was.

If you decide to take the call, listen carefully to what the other person is saying so that you can convey accurate information to the person in charge.

Ask for the other party’s name and purpose

When answering a call, be sure to ask for the other party’s name and business before forwarding the call to the person in charge.

If the name and purpose of the call are not communicated, after the person in charge answers the phone, the person in charge will have to start over from the beginning, which will put a burden on the other party.

If the person in charge knows the person’s name and business before answering the phone, they can prepare the necessary materials before answering the phone, which makes it possible to respond smoothly.

Take notes and repeat important things

Be sure to take notes of the person’s name and contact information, and repeat them when you hear them.

Writing it down and repeating it will help you remember it.

Even if you misheard something, if you repeat it, the other person will notice and correct it.

don’t wait as long as possible

Call charges are incurred by the other party while the call is being transferred, so please try to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

If you can’t get through to the person in charge immediately, or if it looks like it will take time to confirm, ask the other person if you can wait, and depending on the situation, we’ll call you back .

Manners when transferring

After listening to your business, we will transfer the call to the person in charge.

Let’s take a look at the manners when transferring.

A word before putting it on hold

When transferring a call in the office, the call must be put on hold once.

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Before putting the call on hold, tell the other party something such as “I will put the call on hold” or “I will transfer the call so please wait a moment” and then press the hold button .

Be careful not to put the call on hold when the other person is about to say something.

learn how to use the phone

A business phone has many buttons.

If you are not familiar with the transfer operation, you may make mistakes such as pressing the wrong button or accidentally hanging up the phone.

Be sure to memorize the operation so that you do not panic when you actually transfer.

Get the person’s consent before forwarding

If you verbally transfer to the person in charge on the same floor, you can tell that he/she seems to be busy, but if you make an extension call to the person in charge on another floor and transfer the call, you will not know the other person’s situation.

When the call is connected to the person in charge, do not transfer the call all at once .

What to do when you can’t transfer to the person in charge

If the person in charge is not available or is busy and cannot answer the call, take the call off hold, inform the other party of the situation, and ask for future support.

There are three main ways to respond when you are away:

  • Call back from person in charge
  • call back from the other party
  • convey a message

When calling back, be sure to ask for the other party’s phone number .

When the call ends, create a message and hand it to the person in charge.

Automated correspondence with the call forwarding service “Canario”

Answering phone calls is surprisingly a lot to do and takes a lot of time and effort.

In departments that receive a large number of calls, we often hear of concerns that other work does not progress at all because it takes time to respond.

We recommend NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service “Canario”.

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By using “Canario”, it is possible to automate “primary telephone support”, “intermediation” and “absence response” with AI.

  • AI answers all company calls
  • If there is a name of the person in charge, it will be automatically transferred to the mobile phone
  • If the person in charge is unknown, call a member of the department
  • If you can’t answer the phone, keep the message and convert it to text

By using the call forwarding service “Canario,” the time that was previously spent on primary phone calls can be devoted to the original work, greatly improving productivity.

If you are interested in using AI to respond to calls, please experience the effects during the campaign period.