[Guide to rejecting sales calls] Explaining how to respond when the person in charge is absent


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When you answer the phone at a company, you may receive a sales call.

Even if you are not a business partner, some of you may be wondering how to refuse a sale without being rude to the other party.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to respond appropriately when you receive a sales call. Make sure to include points for refusing without making the other person feel bad.

How to effectively decline a sales call

When refusing a sales call, it is important to decline “clearly” and “politely”.

Refuse sales calls “clearly”

If you receive an incoming call and feel that it may be a sales call, check to see if it is a sales call. At this time, ask clearly, “Excuse me, what can I do for you?”

Hearing it like this forces many sales reps to point out that it’s a sales call. If you feel like you are going to have a long talk, you need to clearly decline.

Specifically, it would be good to say, “I will contact you if necessary” or “I am sorry, but I am refraining from new transactions.”

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Some of the sales people ask me to be in charge of ○○.

In this case, instead of calling the person in charge immediately, calmly check the reason why the other party called .

Don’t forget to respond “politely”

Even if it is a sales call, as long as you pick up the phone, be polite as a representative of the company . It is important to speak with good manners.

Because I can’t deny the possibility of working together in the future.

Even if you don’t do business with them in the future, there may be cases where bad reviews are written about the company because you responded to sales calls in a rough manner.

If this happens, there is a possibility that the image of the company will deteriorate in society, so you have to be careful.

Correspondence etiquette and points when refusing business

Here, we will explain manners and points to be aware of when refusing a sales call.

take control of the phone

When refusing a sales call, the point is not to let the other party take control of the call as much as possible .

If the other person takes control of the call, you’ll end up listening to the sales pitch forever.

If you cut out “What is your business?” at an early stage , it will be easier for you to take control of the call.

don’t make me feel uncomfortable

Don’t make people who make sales calls feel uncomfortable .

Even if you don’t do business with the company right now, you may become a business partner.

Due to the response of the person in charge when you decline the sales call, future transactions may be adversely affected, so please be careful when responding.

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don’t make vague decisions

The other party is a sales professional, so even if you try to decline with vague phrases, the conversation will not end easily. They will continue to talk in various ways to get the person in charge to connect the phone somehow.

If you take too long to answer a sales call, you may miss other calls, or your main business may be hindered.

It is important not to make the other party feel uncomfortable, but clearly decline the sales call.

Leave annoying phone calls to AI!

I’ve explained how to respond to sales calls, but it’s hard to respond politely to sales when you’re busy with a lot of work every day.

If possible, I would like to use that time for other phone calls or my main business.

In such cases, we recommend using Canario provided by NEC Networks & System Integration . Since AI automatically responds, there is no need for employees to refuse sales calls.

AI will only handle the necessary calls from business partners , so you don’t have to spend time on annoying sales.

In addition to automatically forwarding calls to the person in charge, Canario can also forward incoming calls to the numbers of all members of a preset group .

If you want to reduce the burden of answering sales calls and daily telephone work, please consider using Canario on this occasion.


If you receive a sales call from your company, it is important to follow good manners and respond appropriately.

Please be aware that if you do not follow the business rules and refuse to accept the offer, it may damage the company’s reputation.

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It is recommended that NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario handle troublesome phone calls. In addition to shutting down sales calls, it also reduces the burden of intermediation and forwarding work.