[From office landline to another line] Can I set an announcement when transferring calls?


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If there are many people belonging to a company, etc., using functions such as call forwarding and announcements will lead to improved work efficiency. Customer satisfaction may increase by telling customers what they need through announcements.

However, many companies are currently unable to take advantage of functions such as call forwarding and announcements.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail the call forwarding and announcement functions of business phones installed in offices . If you want to know the overview of call forwarding and how to set up the announcement function, please read to the end.

Business phone call forwarding feature overview

Call forwarding is a function that forwards incoming calls from fixed-line telephones installed in a company’s office, etc., to another number that has been registered in advance .

Generally used in business phones with many features.

When using call forwarding, it is common to subscribe to a dedicated service. The main call forwarding services are summarized in the table below, so let’s check it out.

carrier name call forwarding service usage fee
NTT East/West voice warp 550 yen (tax included)/number
Softbank Multifunctional forwarding service 880 yen (tax included)/number
KDDI Hikari Direct (au) call forwarding service 3,300 yen (tax included)/number

Since usage fees and setting methods differ depending on the carrier that provides the service, it is important to carefully compare and consider when introducing.

Announcement setting method and information introduction for each carrier

Announcement setting method and information introduction for each carrierAn announcement in forwarding is the information heard on the other party’s phone when forwarding an incoming call from a landline phone installed in the office to another number .

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When you forward a call, the other party’s phone may ring longer than usual. If the ringer rings for a long time, the other party may become uneasy, wondering “What’s wrong?”

In order to dispel such anxiety, it is effective to use a function that announces the transfer from the first incoming call.

For example, there is a way to set an announcement when transferring to a mobile phone owned by an individual employee during remote work, or when an office is relocated.

Here’s how to use the announcement feature with each carrier’s call forwarding service. If your employees often go out and use the forwarding function frequently, please refer to it.

NTT Voice Warp

NTT provides a call forwarding service called Voice Warp .

To use the announcement function with Voice Warp, pick up the phone receiver and dial “142”. When you contact “142”, guidance will flow, so you can set the announcement function by answering with the dial according to the contents.

The specific operation method of the dial is as follows.

  • If you want to have an announcement: “142” → “4” → “4” → “1” → “9”
  • If you want no announcement: “142” → “4” → “4” → “0” → “9”

SoftBank Otoku Line

Softbank offers a call forwarding service called Otoku Line . Although the specific setting method of the announcement function is not disclosed, the official page states that the announcement function can be used for free if the conditions are met.

You can check if you meet the requirements for free.

If you want to use the announcement function on SoftBank’s Otoku Line, we recommend that you check with the person in charge of the call forwarding service.

KDDI (au)

If you subscribe to KDDI (au)’s au office number option menu , you can use the announcement/call forwarding function.

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Details can be confirmed from “List of sample announcements” in “Announcement/call forwarding function”.

Since the specific setting method is not disclosed, let’s check directly with the person in charge of the call forwarding service of KDDI (au).

Advantages of setting announcements for forwarding phone numbers

Setting up announcements on business phones installed in the office can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

It tends to take a long time to transfer a call when the person in charge is not available, but if you guide the customer with an announcement, the customer will understand why it is taking a long time.

Another feature of the announcement function is that the introduction hurdles are low. The fact that you don’t need to design a scenario and can operate with a single phone number is a great point for the company.

Canario is recommended for forwarding incoming calls to mobile phones

Canario is a call forwarding service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

When there is an incoming call on the transfer source phone, AI will automatically take over. Therefore, it is a major feature that there is no need to prepare an employee to respond to the forwarding phone.

Not only one number can be set as the forwarding destination, but it is also possible to call multiple numbers all at once. Since the team can handle phone calls, it helps prevent missing calls.

In addition, it is equipped with many convenient and practical functions such as being able to check the history of phone calls in the cloud.

If you are interested in NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario , please feel free to contact us.


When using call forwarding, it is expected that customer satisfaction will improve if an announcement is played on the device from which the call was forwarded. Even if the ringtone is longer than usual, you will be able to wait for the call with confidence.

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In some cases, work efficiency can be improved by using it together with the call forwarding function. If you are already using a call forwarding service, this is a good time to check how to set up the announcement function.

If you are thinking about introducing a call forwarding service or announcement function, we recommend using NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario .

Since AI will automatically take over, you can properly respond to the other party’s call without setting the announcement function.

If you would like to know more about NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario , please feel free to contact us.