[For corporations] Usage price of Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan

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Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s popular service that allows you to use Office and cloud tools for a flat fee.

In this article, we will focus on the “Business Basic” plan among Microsoft 365, and introduce the outline of the plan, the functions installed, and the usage price.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan features

First, let’s take a closer look at the overview of Microsoft 365 and the features and features of the Business Basic plan.

Microsoft 365 service overview

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s subscription service that allows comprehensive use of Office and cloud tools.

It has the following advantages compared to conventional Office products.

Centralized management of licenses is possible

  • Since the number of employees = the number of licenses, there is no error between the number of owned licenses and the number of users.
  • Granting and deletion of licenses can be centrally managed according to the joining and leaving of employees
  • You can always use the latest version of the tool (no need to replace or purchase an updated version due to lack of support)

Manage files on the cloud

  • Files created within Microsoft 365 services can be managed by cloudware
  • Collaborative editing on the cloud, confirmation of editing history, restoration of files before editing, etc.
  • It is possible to prevent the risk of data corruption and loss and strengthen compliance with the introduction of telework

Service can be used from multiple devices

  • 1 license can be used on 5 PCs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones
  • The full editing function of the mobile app is also included in the license, so full-scale editing from a mobile device is possible.
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What you can do with the Business Basic plan

Business Basic is a Microsoft 365 license for SMEs that can use web-based Office applications and cloud services such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. (Formerly: Office 365 Business Essentials)

Since Business Basic does not include the desktop version of Office, this plan is recommended if you already own a packaged version of Office and want to continue using it until support ends.

With the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan, you can mainly use the following apps and services.

Office application
(*Web version only)
Access web and mobile apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Outlook This software is useful for managing emails, schedules, tasks, etc.
Exchange Online This is a management service for emails, schedules, meeting rooms, equipment, etc. Helps streamline information sharing.
Sharepoint Online A cloud portal for teams. You can expect to streamline data and facilitate collaborative work both inside and outside the company.
Teams It is a communication tool equipped with functions such as business chat, video call, and file sharing.
OneDrive An online storage service. Access and edit files more efficiently.

What is the price of the Business Basic plan?

Next, let’s take a closer look at the pricing for the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan.

Basic plan price comparison with Standard/Premium

The usage prices for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium are as follows.

Microsoft 365
Business Basic
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
Microsoft 365
Business Premium
Plan features Only the web version of Office apps is supported Business standard plan High-end plan with enhanced security measures
Annual contract/yearly payment price 7,800 yen 16,320 yen Inquiry required
Monthly contract/monthly payment price 780 yen/month
(9,360 yen per year)
1,632 yen/month
(19,584 yen per year)
Inquiry required
Price difference with annual payment +1,560 yen +3,264 yen
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The Business Basic plan, which allows you to use the web version of Office and various cloud services, costs 7,800 yen per year, and the Business Standard plan, which allows you to use the desktop version of Office, costs 16,320 yen per year.

The Business Premium plan is an open price, so please contact NEC Networks & System Integration for details.

Which is better, monthly or yearly?

Both Microsoft 365 Business licenses can be selected from two types: monthly payment and annual payment.

Below are the pros and cons of monthly and annual payments.

monthly payment annual payment
merit Short-term cancellation and plan changes possible About 2 months cheaper than monthly payment in annual terms
Demerit High annual payment Only updated once a year
suitable case Assuming short-term use / Contracted plans and services may change / Number of employees fluctuates frequently Assuming long-term use / Plans and services to be contracted are fixed / Number of employees fluctuates little

Does Microsoft 365 Pricing Vary by Purchase Method?

Various Microsoft 365 licenses can be purchased from Microsoft official or distributors.

The prices for the Business Basic Plan on the official website and sales agent (NEC Networks & System Integration) are as follows.

Official site NEC Networks & System Integration
Annual contract / annual payment 7,800 yen
Annual contract/Monthly payment 650 yen/month (7,800 yen per year)
Monthly contract / monthly payment 780 yen/month (9,360 yen per year)

As you can see from the price list above, the Business Basic plan fee will not change regardless of whether you contract with Microsoft or NEC Networks & System Integration.

However, with NEC Networks & System Integration, it is possible to propose and introduce the following solutions and services in addition to the Business Basic Plan contract.

  • Canario (Telephone brokerage service using AI)
  • DocuSign (electronic contract service)
  • Eeasy (business schedule adjustment tool)
  • Neat. (Remote conference dedicated device)
  • Slido (seminar/event activation tool), etc.
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By combining these IT tools, it is possible to realize digitization and DX of a wider range of operations.

In addition, NEC Networks & System Integration supports bill payment contracts, so it is recommended if you are considering a contract for Microsoft 365 as a corporation.


  • Business Basic is a Microsoft 365 license specialized for using cloud services
  • Since the desktop version of Office cannot be used, the usage price is lower than other Business licenses
  • If you want to contract a Microsoft 365 license, we recommend sales agents such as NEC Networks & System Integration

Microsoft 365 Business Basic is a convenient plan if you want to introduce Microsoft 365 in combination with the packaged version of Office.