[For business] How to reject annoying sales calls? Hassle-free way to decline


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As a manager, you may feel annoyed when your employees respond to sales calls, as it may reduce work efficiency.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to decline a sales call for business. We will introduce not only basic points, but also points to note, so please make use of it.

For business: The basics of how to decline a sales call

Now, let’s check the basic points of how to decline a sales call.

How to decline a sales call 1: Confirm the business as soon as possible

There are many cases where sales calls do not convey the business in an effort to prolong the conversation as much as possible.

Although it is one of the methods to succeed in business, it is necessary to be careful as a person who responds to incoming sales calls because it will be a waste of time if the conversation continues for a long time without understanding the purpose. .

For this reason, when you receive a sales call in a business setting, it is important to visit the other party’s business as soon as possible .

Try using phrases like, “Excuse me, what can I do for you?”

At this time, you may be asked to relay the call, such as “Is the person in charge of XX present?” Become.

First of all, calmly check the business, confirm that it is not a sales call, and then relay the call as necessary.

How to decline a sales call 2: Clearly express your intention to decline

If you know it’s a sales call, make it clear that you want to decline the sale.

for example,

  • “I’m sorry, but we are refraining from new transactions.”
  • “We will contact you if you need (products or services), so there is no need to contact us in the future.”
  • “I’m sorry to bother you, but could you please remove us from your list of contacts?”

You can express your refusal by using phrases such as:

How to decline a sales call 3: Decline politely

Many people may think that “sales calls are unnecessary”, but even if they are not necessary now, there is a possibility that in the future the company will do business with the company that makes the sales call.

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For this reason, when refusing a sales call, it is important to be conscious of how to decline politely with business etiquette.

Be very careful not to get emotional.

It is also recommended to use cushion words such as “I’m rude” and “I’m sorry to bother you”.

It is also effective to create a response manual for when sales calls are received in the company and to familiarize these phrases.

What to watch out for when rejecting a sales call

So far, we have explained the basics of how to decline a sales call, but there are some points to be aware of when communicating in business settings.

avoid ambiguity

If you are conscious of politely refusing a sales call, you may end up using ambiguous expressions.

for example

  • “The person in charge of ○○ is out of the office.”
  • “The person in charge of ○○ will not return to the company today.”

If you use an expression such as this, the person making the sales call may think that if you call back later, they will be able to help you.

don’t make me feel uncomfortable

Again, the possibility that the person who made the sales call will interact with the company in the future is not zero.

There may be times when you feel that answering a sales call is a hassle, and you may end up with a strong tone, but try to respond in a way that is appropriate for a business setting .

Be mindful of your choice of words and tone of voice so as not to make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Do not give control of the call to the other party

If the initiative of the conversation is seized, there is a possibility that problems such as being unable to understand the purpose of the incoming call or hanging up even if you try to hang up.

For this reason, it is important to be conscious of taking the initiative as much as possible during the call .

If you take control, you’ll be able to turn down a sales call without making it drag out too long.

In business, you may receive an incoming call that does not sound like a business.

There are many methods of making sales calls, but some of them may not look like sales calls at first glance.

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If you do not realize that it is a sales call, it will take time, so be careful.

for example,

  • Asked to connect to a representative
  • I won’t give you time to talk

Please be aware that such calls may be sales calls.

What problems do employees have when answering incoming sales calls?

I introduced how to decline a sales call, but in the first place, various problems arise when a sales call is received.

Here, let’s check out the three issues that companies can’t afford to miss.

Sales call problem 1: Less time spent on work

When you receive a sales call and pick up the phone, the sales pitch begins.

Even employees who know how to say no can take a long time to hang up the phone because the caller will try to talk for a long time in various ways.

When this happens, employees’ time will be spent on responding to business hours, and less time will be devoted to their main business. There is a possibility that overtime work will occur because the work that should be completed is not completed.

Sales call problem 2: Opportunity loss

While you are answering sales calls, you may receive an incoming call that could be a business opportunity for your company.

Opportunity loss is caused by not being able to receive incoming calls that could have been handled due to sales calls.

Sales Call Issue 3: Your Employee Feels Stressed

Care must be taken in cases such as when there are a large number of sales calls, as the employees in charge of answering incoming calls may feel stressed.

If you are busy answering sales calls, you may not be able to progress in your main business, and you may lose your motivation to work.

If the employee’s satisfaction level is low, they may quit, so it is essential to consider the appropriate response method according to the situation of the sales call received by the company.

For Business: Best Ways to Block Sales Calls

I’ve explained how to decline sales calls, but there may be some people who think, “I don’t want to answer sales calls in the first place” or “I want to avoid calling the company because it’s annoying.”

In such a case, we recommend using NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service “Canario”, which can immediately repel and shut down persistent sales calls.

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Not only can you omit answering sales calls, but AI automatically transfers incoming calls, so you can handle phone calls even when employees are out of the office or telework.

There are three price plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium, and the functions that can be used are different. The table below summarizes the charges and available functions for each plan, so let’s check it out.

plan name Basic Standard Premium
Monthly charge per person (tax included) 748 yen 1,078 yen 1,628 yen
name transfer
Transfer of name + conversion of message into text ×
call all at once
Simultaneous call + message conversion to text ×
free phone none Yes Up to 10 minutes per person Yes Up to 30 minutes per person
Cooperation with extension × ×

Now you can experience the functions of Canario for free for one month, so please contact us for this opportunity.

Summary of how to decline a sales call

A landline phone installed in the company receives a sales call.

Sales calls in business are unavoidable, so it’s important to master how to decline.

If there are problems such as “It is difficult to get all employees to learn how to decline sales calls” or “I have less time to devote to my main business by answering sales calls”, I recommend using a call forwarding service. is also an effective method.

We recommend using NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service “Canario”.

We are currently running a campaign that allows you to use our services at a great price, so please do not hesitate to contact us.