For activation of internal communication! Advantages of information sharing using tools

For activation of internal communication! Advantages of information sharing using tools
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Smooth communication within the company is essential for improving operational efficiency and smooth information sharing.

In the past, communication methods such as e-mail and telephone were the mainstream, but recently, an increasing number of companies are using various tools collectively called communication tools.

Especially for companies that have introduced various work styles such as remote work and telecommuting, it can be said that the use of communication tools is essential.

Here, we introduce the necessity of revitalizing internal communication, corporate efforts, and the benefits of introducing tools.

We also explain the differences from e-mail and SNS, so if you are thinking about introducing it, please refer to it.

To activate communication within the company

In Japan, there is a word “ho-ren-so” (report, contact, consult), and communication within the company has long been considered important.

This is because smooth communication within the company can be expected to improve teamwork and improve the skills of each employee.

However, due to differences in thinking between generations, there are quite a few companies that feel that the current internal communication is an issue.

First, let’s take a closer look at the necessity of communication within the company and the measures that are effective in activating communication.

need for communication

Communication skills are necessary in all situations, such as home and student life.

Especially in the business scene, mutual information sharing is more important than just one-way information transmission.

Benefits of smooth communication within a company include:

  • Business efficiency
  • Individual and team motivation
  • Lower turnover rate
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If communication between superiors and subordinates is good, problem solving and work follow-up will be smooth.

Efficient progress of work can also be expected to increase the motivation of the entire company.

In addition, many people who leave the workplace cite interpersonal relationships within the company as the cause.

If there is good communication within the company, it will be possible to reduce the turnover rate and increase the number of human resources who will continue to work for a long time.

Effective method for activation

There are two main types of communication: those that are necessary for work, such as reporting and consulting, and those that lead to motivation, such as holding events and setting up chat spaces.

Let’s check out the effective ways to improve each communication.

Improving work styles and environments

One way to activate communication is to improve work styles and environments.

For example, there is a way to set up a break space in the company and provide a place where employees can talk casually.

It may be difficult to talk to someone in a tense environment, so actively using the rest space may be a step towards smooth communication.

Also, in the past, there was a word “nominication”, and it was common to communicate at a drinking party after work.

However, nowadays there is a strong tendency to prioritize one’s own time and avoid drinking parties.

Instead, it would be a good idea to set up a vending machine in the office and encourage communication during working hours.

Company event

By holding unique events within the company, you can communicate with many employees regardless of their position or department.

If you hold events such as company trips and training camps, you may deepen human relationships.

By creating opportunities to talk with employees who usually do not talk much, new ideas may be born.

Introduction of chat and information sharing tools

We also recommend using tools such as chat and groupware to activate internal communication.

The introduction of tools will make information sharing within the company more efficient, and the work of the entire company will be smoother.

There are various types of tools such as chats and web conferences for the purpose of promoting communication, groupware mainly for information sharing, and task management tools.

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By using these in combination, you can expect smooth communication not only with internal staff but also with external staff such as remote work and telecommuting.

The benefits of introducing communication tools are introduced in detail in the next section.

Advantages of introducing communication tools in the company

Benefits of using communication tools include:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Facilitation of information sharing and communication

Operational efficiency

Communication tools simplify the flow of conversation and communication.

For example, in the case of e-mail, you have to put extra effort into clerical text such as entering the subject line and greetings.

Also, if there is an omission in the Cc or Bcc fields, it may lead to unexpected troubles.

On the other hand, if it is a communication tool, you can send and receive messages as if you were having a real-time conversation.

You can also respond with actions and emoji features in the tool, which will save you time on emails.

If you haven’t added someone to your chat group, you can always add them back.

Once added to the chat, you can also check past conversations, so you don’t have to worry about listening again and again.

By shortening the time required for individual exchanges, the efficiency of the entire business can be expected to be improved.

Facilitation of information sharing and communication

Many communication tools have functions such as chat, voice call, and video call.

Recently, there are many apps that can be used not only on PCs, but also on smartphones and tablets, so you can communicate anywhere, regardless of location.

The advantage of the tool is that you can talk face-to-face with not only in-house staff, but also remote and telecommuting staff, as well as distant business partners and branch staff.

The tool is also useful for conveying a little feeling that cannot be expressed in the text of an e-mail.

If communication is smooth, the atmosphere in the company will be improved.

How is it different from e-mail and SNS?

Are chat tools and bulletin board functions the same as e-mail and SNS? Some people may feel that.

The big difference from email is the speed of communication.

In addition to being able to proceed with the chat as if it were a real-time conversation, it is also possible for multiple people to have a conversation at the same time.

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Also, compared to general SNS and communication apps, business tools often have better security measures.

It is characterized by being able to freely set the scope of disclosure, such as important communication and information sharing for only some administrators.

In addition, there are also tools that have two types of plans, a free plan and a paid plan.

If you have a paid plan, you can use more business-specific functions and receive generous support, so consider it.


  • Smooth communication within the company leads to improved work efficiency and increased motivation
  • Improving the environment, in-house events, and introducing tools are recommended to promote internal communication.
  • The introduction of tools also has the advantage of facilitating information sharing.

If communication between employees becomes smooth, problem solving and division of roles will proceed smoothly.

Recognition of your work will also motivate you, so please consider introducing a tool to improve your work efficiency.