Explain how to transfer business phone calls! Introduce how to transfer to extensions and mobile phones


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In business, it is essential to answer the phone of business partners and customers. On the other hand, it may be difficult to keep up with companies where employees often work outside the company or where there are many phone calls per day.

In such a case, if you make good use of call forwarding, you may be able to proceed with your work more smoothly.

However, some people may not know how to transfer calls.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail how to transfer a call. Please use it as a reference so that all employees can understand how to operate it.

What is the “transfer” function of business phones?

In the first place , the forwarding function in business phones is a function that connects external calls received from customers etc. to the person in charge .

Calls are broadly divided into two types: internal line transfer and external line transfer.

How to transfer calls

Let’s take a look at how to transfer internal and external calls on a business phone below.

How to transfer extension

Extension transfer is a method of putting a call from a customer on hold and contacting the person in charge via an extension. Although it is necessary to prepare an employee to answer incoming calls on business phones, many employees are probably familiar with the hold operation.

The method of extension transfer is as follows.

  1. make an outside call with a business phone
  2. Attendant listens to call requirements and presses hold button
  3. The respondent contacts the person in charge by extension and informs them of the call.
  4. The person in charge releases the hold and goes to the outside line
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In the case of this transfer method, if there is a person in charge near the person who received the call, you can ask them to respond verbally.

How to transfer to an outside line

Call forwarding is a function that forwards incoming calls from customers to the person in charge via an outside line. For companies where employees often go out, it would be convenient to transfer a service that allows forwarding to the mobile phone number of each employee.

External line forwarding can be broadly divided into manual forwarding and automatic forwarding. Let’s check the difference of each operation method.

How to manually forward an outside line

The method of manual transfer is as follows.

  1. make an outside call with a business phone
  2. The attendant listens to the call requirements and presses the transfer button
  3. The respondent contacts the person in charge by outside line and informs them of the call.
  4. As soon as the attendant hangs up, the outside line is forwarded to the person’s number

How to automatically transfer outside lines

The method of automatic transfer is as follows.

  1. Set the phone number of the person in charge in advance
  2. An outside line calls your company’s landline
  3. If the person in charge does not pick up the handset of the landline phone, the outside line will be forwarded to a preset number.
  4. The person in charge responds to external calls by operating their own mobile phones, etc.

How to introduce the forwarding function

To forward a landline call to another number, you need to choose one of the following three methods.

  • Use of call forwarding services
  • Use of telephones with forwarding function
  • Use of cloud PBX

Each feature is explained here. If you are positively considering the introduction of the call forwarding function, please use it.

Start using the call forwarding service

The call forwarding service is a service that automatically forwards incoming calls to fixed-line telephones installed in the company to a pre-registered number. In addition to carriers such as NTT docomo and au, NEC Networks & System Integration also offers call forwarding services.

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In many cases, it is necessary to apply in advance to use the call forwarding service. However, there are advantages such as being able to use various functions other than transfer and receiving generous support.

For example, with NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario, it is possible to make simultaneous calls to employees’ phones, or to make calls using company lines while keeping private numbers confidential.

When using a call forwarding service, it is a good idea to carefully compare the service contents of the company before deciding on a contract.

Change your landline phone to a forwarding phone

Another option is to buy a phone that has call forwarding built into it .

However, it is necessary to replace the telephone installed in the company if it is the method of introduction.

If the number of units originally installed is small, it may not matter so much, but if the number of units is large, the initial cost is likely to be high.

It also requires time and effort, such as changing the operation manual.

If the phone you are currently using at your company is old or if you were thinking of replacing it with a new one, using a phone with a forwarding function may be a good idea.

Register for Cloud PBX

Although it costs a lot to set up a physical PBX, the use of cloud PBX is also attracting attention in recent years. By moving private branch exchanges to the cloud, calls can be made over the Internet.

While there are advantages such as reduced usage costs, security measures and maintenance of call quality are issues.

If anyone is looking for an easy-to-use call forwarding service

NEC Networks & System Integration offers a call forwarding service called Canario.

This service utilizes AI, and is designed to transfer an outside line by asking the person calling the company for the name of the appropriate answerer.

The caller will only have to say their name following the voice guidance, so there is no confusion about how to use it.

Users can also reduce the number of employees handling external calls. NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario is characterized by being able to work and respond efficiently without having to stop the main business.

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If you would like to know more about how to use it, please contact us at this opportunity.


Once you get used to how to transfer calls, anyone can operate it smoothly. However, if you want to handle calls more efficiently, we recommend using a call forwarding service.

For example, NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario would eliminate the need to set up employees to respond to business phones. Since you can directly contact the employee’s smartphone or mobile phone, you can rest assured even when you are out of the office.

If you would like to learn more about how to set up and operate NEC Networks & System Integration Canario, please feel free to contact us.