Explain how to identify and respond to sales calls! Lighten the burden on your employees


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A sales call is a call made to sell a product or service.

In the case of companies, it is not uncommon for people to have a hard time responding to inquiries from companies they have never dealt with before, and because the other party talks one-sidedly.

In this article, we will explain how to properly respond when you receive a sales call for your company. We will introduce tips to distinguish sales contacts and points when refusing, so please make use of it.

Later in the article, we’ll also look at how to shut out a sales call without the employee having to respond.

First of all, let’s be able to distinguish between sales calls and sales

In order to be able to refuse a sales call, it is important to distinguish whether it is a sales call.

First, let’s check the general characteristics of sales calls in this chapter so that you can quickly determine whether a call to your company is a sales call.

Contacts from companies with which we do not do business

When you answer the phone at the company every day, you will remember the name of the company that does business with your company and the name of the person in charge.

For this reason, if you receive a call from a company name or person in charge that you have never heard of, it is highly likely that it is a sales call.

If you receive a call from someone who clearly has no connection with your company, you should be prepared to decline by thinking that it might be a sales call.

I don’t know the name of the person in charge of my company

Companies that make sales calls often don’t know the names of their employees.

For this reason, we will ask you to act as an intermediary, such as “Is the president here?”

It’s a common method in sales, but you need to be careful because if you don’t know this method, you’ll leave the sales call to another employee.

Contact to main phone number

Sales representatives often contact us without knowing the organizational structure of their company. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the incoming call will come to the company’s main phone number.

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one-sided speech

The sales side also knows that “sales calls are easy to be cautious.”

For this reason, they often respond by closing the psychological distance in order to relieve their caution, or by continuing to talk unilaterally so as not to give them an opportunity to refuse.

It is necessary to take measures such as refusing sales from here before talking one-sidedly.

Numerous voices heard over the phone

If the phone line is noisy and you can hear multiple voices, there is a high possibility that you are receiving a sales call from the call center.

It depends on the situation, but if the line is noisy, it may be a good idea to assume that it is a sales call regardless of the content of the conversation.

Explaining tips for rejecting sales calls

So, if you receive a sales call from your company, how should you respond and quickly turn it down? In this chapter, I will explain the tips for rejecting sales calls.

Refuse “clearly” and “politely”

When refusing a sales call, it is important to avoid ambiguous expressions and to decline clearly and politely.

If you don’t take a clear response, you may receive a sales call again.

In addition, we cannot deny the possibility that sales calls for products and services that are not currently needed by the company will be necessary in the future.

The company may lose money if you respond rudely or rudely to the other party, so please politely decline.

As soon as you know it’s a sales call, we recommend declining the call using phrases such as:

  • “I’m sorry, but I’ve been told to decline everything.”
  • “We are refraining from new transactions.”
  • “We will call you if necessary, so please do not contact us again.”

Use cushion words such as “I’m sorry” and “Excuse me” to respond to sales calls.

Listen to the other person’s business as early as possible

When I listen to the sales representative, I find it difficult to find the right timing to decline, and I find it difficult to end the call.

For this reason, as soon as you realize that it is a sales call, ask what the other party is doing.

If you ask, “Excuse me, what kind of business do you have?” and the person in charge of the sales call does not say anything specific, use the phrases of refusal introduced above and respond. recommend.

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Don’t let the other person take control of the conversation

It’s easy to lose track of when to turn down a sales call if you give up control of the conversation.

It may be difficult for the sales caller to talk to you in various ways, but try to take control of the conversation as much as possible .

Even if you can’t say goodbye at first, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s important to take the lead when dealing with sales calls.

What are the disadvantages of receiving sales calls?

Some people may think that “handling sales calls is nothing”, but there are various disadvantages when employees respond to sales calls.

Let’s check in this chapter what kind of negative impact the response to sales calls has on the company.

It takes time away from my main job

It takes more or less time for employees to answer sales calls.

If you can’t refuse early, you’ll be wasting more and more time, and you’ll have less time to devote to your main job.

This will lead to problems such as reduced work efficiency and reduced overtime hours for employees.

You may miss other calls

While you’re answering sales calls, you might miss a call you need as a company.

It can be a big business opportunity, so it can be said that the disadvantage of responding to sales calls is quite large.

be a burden on employees

For some employees, answering sales calls can be a mental burden.

It is not uncommon for employees to have less time to devote to their main job and work in a hurry, or to work overtime for long periods of time, resulting in a decrease in motivation.

If the employee’s satisfaction with the company decreases, it may be the cause of resignation, so it is necessary to be careful.

No employee action required! Recommended service “Canario” to shut out sales

So far, I have explained how to respond appropriately when a sales call comes in, but there may be some people who think that they do not want employees to handle sales calls in the first place.

If you have such troubles, we recommend using the call forwarding service “Canario”, which eliminates the need for employees to answer sales calls.

Canario is a service that AI recognizes names and relays calls to the person in charge, so it is effective for shutting out sales calls.

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There are three price plans in total, each with different features. Please check the details in the table below.

plan name Basic Standard Premium
Monthly charge per person (tax included) 748 yen 1,078 yen 1,628 yen
name transfer
Transfer of name + conversion of message into text ×
call all at once
Simultaneous call + message conversion to text ×
free phone none Yes Up to 10 minutes per person Yes Up to 30 minutes per person
Cooperation with extension × ×



When answering a sales call, it is important to decline politely and clearly as early as possible.

If you take the initiative in the conversation and listen to the other person’s story, you will lose more and more time, so you have to be careful.

If you don’t want your employees to answer sales calls, we recommend using Canario.

Since AI recognizes the name and takes the call, it is possible to shut out the sales call.

We also have a special campaign, so please contact us for this opportunity.