[Easy operation explanation! ] Introducing how to set up docomo Hikari’s call forwarding service


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

In this era where more and more companies are introducing telework, services that transfer incoming calls on the company’s landline to mobile phones are becoming popular.

In this article, we will introduce the details and how to set up the “Call Forwarding” service for NTT Docomo Hikari Denwa .

We will also introduce a service that allows you to make connection settings more easily, so if you are a company, please refer to it.

Details of docomo Hikari Denwa’s “Call Forwarding”

NTT Docomo Hikari’s docomo Hikari Denwa is a fixed-line phone service that uses the docomo Hikari line, and can be used for an additional 550 yen (including tax)/month on top of the docomo Hikari line monthly usage fee.

Call forwarding service for such docomo Hikari Denwa is “Call forwarding” . A contract and settings for each docomo Hikari Denwa contract phone number and additional numbers are required.

You can forward incoming calls to the office to a pre-designated phone number.

We also offer a similar service called “Call Forwarding Service” for mobile phones, so be careful not to make a mistake when applying for the service.

How to set docomo Hikari’s “Call Forwarding”

There are two types of call forwarding functions of docomo Hikari’s forwarding call: the “automatic forwarding function” which forwards all incoming calls, and the “select function” which receives or forwards only pre-registered phone numbers.

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It is also possible to combine any of the following transfer methods with the automatic transfer function and the select function.

Transfer method detailed
unconditional transfer Transfer without ringing
Forward No Answer Transfer after ringing for a certain period of time
Busy transfer transfer during call
Call Forward No Answer + Call Forward Busy Transfer after ringing for a period of time or when busy

set operation

There are two types of settings for docomo Hikari call forwarding : “Settings using the phone” and “Settings using the Internet “, which can be set by the following operations.

Settings using the phone

You can make settings by dialing according to the voice guidance from the docomo Hikari Denwa that is the transfer source.

It is also possible to start/stop forwarding and change the forwarding destination by dialing according to the voice guidance from another phone (mobile phone, PHS, etc.) while away from home.

Settings using the Internet

Settings can be made by operating a web browser from a computer or mobile phone that can use the Internet.

Mobile phones cannot be operated from mobile phones with versions earlier than i-mode browser 2.0 and mobile phones that do not support “TLS1.0”.

In the case of a computer, the use of “TLS 1.0” must be enabled in the browser being used. Please check here before performing the setting operation.

Check call forwarding services of other communication carriers

This time, we are introducing Docomo Hikari Denwa’s call forwarding service, but other major telecommunications carriers also offer similar services.

The service names of other communication carriers are as follows.

career call forwarding service
NTT East/West voice warp
Softbank Multifunctional forwarding service
KDDI Hikari Direct (au) call forwarding service

By using these services, you can forward incoming calls to your company’s landline to a designated landline or mobile phone and respond to them.

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Usage charges for all services, including docomo Hikari Denwa, differ depending on whether the Hikari line or analog/ISDN line is used.

When using the service, there is an initial cost that includes construction costs, etc., and in most cases, this initial cost starts from around 10,000 yen.

For details on the initial cost, please check with the communication carrier you have a contract with or are considering a contract with.

This service makes it easy to set up!

If you want to set up a connection more easily, we recommend NEC Networks & System Integration’s “Canario”, which supervises this article .

Canario can be easily applied from the inquiry form on the special page.

There is no need to purchase new equipment or install an app for installation, and you can use it for a monthly fee of 11,000 yen (tax included) + plan usage fee.

Once you have completed the inquiry by filling in the required information in the inquiry form and sending it, the NEC Networks & System Integration Operator will call you to confirm the details of your application.

After confirmation, the “application documents” will be sent by mail to the address you have declared, so please return the original filled out and stamped PDF.

After returning the application documents, the account login information will be automatically sent to each user who has declared their e-mail address.

Log in to the service from the URL described in the e-mail for each user, and register and set the group/user/guidance. You can start using the service immediately after completion.



In this article, we introduced the details and how to set up the “Call Forwarding” service for NTT Docomo Hikari Denwa. To use docomo Hikari call forwarding, you need to make a contract and set up for each docomo Hikari phone contract phone number and additional numbers.

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In addition, due to the effects of the corona crisis and the evolution of digital technology, not only docomo Hikari’s call forwarding service, but also a service that forwards incoming calls from company landline phones to mobile phones is becoming popular.

NEC Networks & System Integration, which supervises this article, also provides Canario .

It is easy to apply, set up, and use, so if you are interested, please contact NEC Networks & System Integration.