Download the Zoom app and have a web conference anywhere. How to participate and how to record

Download the Zoom app and have a web conference anywhere. How to participate and how to record
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings with 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity.

Since around 2015, there has been a lot of talk about “work style reform”, but with the Olympics approaching in 2020, many people may feel that it has become quite pervasive.

Work style reform includes “correction of long working hours,” “elimination of unreasonable differences in treatment between regular and non-regular workers,” and “realization of diverse work styles.” The web conferencing Zoom app is perfect for realizing a work style.

We will explain why the Zoom app is perfect, and explain how to open a web conference using the Zoom app, how to participate, and how to record it.

Why You Should Download the Zoom App

The official name of the Zoom app is “Zoom Cloud Meetings”. It is literally an application for web conferencing in the cloud (online).

Just by downloading and installing the Zoom app, you will be able to hold web conferences on the cloud in the same way as the PC version of Zoom.

Some of the common communication tools have limited functions in the app version, but with the Zoom app, you can use almost the same functions as the PC version of Zoom, so it is fully compatible with overseas business trips and meetings while away from home. can make it, right.

It is also easy to use and does not require a manual .

Highly stable as a web conferencing app

In fact, the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” keeps a high rank in the “business” category in the App Store, boasting the No. 1 satisfaction as a web conferencing tool for smartphones and tablets such as iPad.

It is highly recommended because the data is light and the packet burden is light.

Make high-quality calls

There are other web conferencing tools and communication tools, but the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” has a very high quality of communication.

I think that Zoom is often used for web conferencing and telework, but poor communication quality can interfere with work.

In that respect, you can use the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” with confidence.

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Anyone can use and connect easily

Zoom’s app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” can be set up very easily.

Also, anyone can open and participate in a web conference, so it is very easy to use.

In addition, it is easy to recommend introduction to clients who are unfamiliar with the web, computers, applications, etc., so it is possible to increase the frequency of communication with clients.

First download from the app store

The basic procedure for downloading the application “Zoom Cloud Meetings” is the same for both iPhone and Android.

  1. Search for Zoom Cloud Meetings in the app (OK with Zoom)
  2. Download and install the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings”
  3. After installation is complete, start “Zoom Cloud Meetings”

Just this. It can be completed in minutes.

How to get started with web conferencing

How to use the application “Zoom Cloud Meetings” can be roughly divided into

  • Open a web conference
  • Join a web conference opened by someone else

Only these two. It’s very simple.

Open a web conference

First, let’s open the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

At that time, select and tap “New meeting” from the menu icon lined up at the top of the application screen.

Next, two items will appear, so let’s turn them on according to your needs.

Video on selects whether to use the camera for web conferencing

Video on literally means whether to turn on the video and have a web conference.

If you don’t want or need to show your face, tap Video On to toggle it off.

If you turn off the video on, you will be able to participate in audio only.

What is Personal Meeting ID (PMI)?

Short for Personal Meeting ID, it is used for people you meet regularly.

Specifically, it is a regular meeting with fixed members inside and outside the company.

By setting this PMI first and having a meeting, you will not have to notify the participants every time, and you can save time and effort.

It may be a good idea to imagine that a regular Zoom meeting uses an empty conference room, and that PMI has a dedicated conference room.

All you have to do is press the start meeting button.

Only these two steps need to be set to open a web conference with the application “Zoom Cloud Meetings”. Very easy, isn’t it?

All that’s left is to press the start meeting button and wait for participants to enter.

To send meeting invites to participants

Once you’ve started your meeting, it’s time to let people you want to invite know about it.

When you tap the screen, there is a person-shaped icon called a participant, so tap here.

Then there is a button called “Invite” below, so tap it as well.

Then, you can choose to email, message, invite contacts, or copy the URL, so choose the method that is most convenient for you.

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If you select Email, a new email with already text and participation URL will be launched.

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite to the address and send it to complete the invitation.

Join a web conference opened by someone else

Conversely, how about joining a web conference opened by another person?

This is the reverse procedure of how to invite.

Join with Meeting ID

First, open the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

Then tap the Join icon.

Then, you will be prompted to enter the meeting ID, so if you have been informed of the ID, enter it here.

Alternatively, if the conference room name has been decided, you can also search by the conference room name.

Join with invite link

If you received an invite link, just click the link.

This link will be sent by email, message, etc., so it’s good to check it out.

Join by entering the web conference URL

You can also enter the web conference URL in Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.

If the URL of the meeting room has been shared by the person holding the meeting, enter that URL in the URL field of Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.

You can participate in the web conference by transitioning to this URL .

Other things you can do with “Zoom Cloud Meetings”

Now that you know how to open and participate in a web conference, I would like to introduce what you can do with the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings”, which is beneficial to know.

Chat function

This is a feature that allows you to send a chat during a meeting.

You can also select the destination, so it is useful for sending reference URLs to specific people and giving instructions.

screen sharing

Another big feature of the Zoom app is screen sharing. In addition to camera images, you can check and share documents and PDFs on each other’s screens.

It is a function that also supports security because the document and PDF data itself are not sent to the other party.

Not only between PCs such as Windows and Mac and smartphones, but also between smartphones.

file sharing

Meeting participants can share files such as documents stored in drive tools such as Box and Dropbox, which are now indispensable for business, and online storage such as One Drive.

This is very convenient because there is no need to download materials and files and send them to everyone.

Whiteboard function

You can also use the whiteboard function with the Android version app or the iPad version app.

With this whiteboard function, you can write lines on the screen and input characters to share with everyone participating in the meeting.

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Specifically, I draw diagrams freehand and explain them, and have conversations while sharing calculation formulas.

However, as of January 2020, the iPhone does not have this function.

Virtual background settings

You can also set a virtual background for iPhone8 or later. This is a feature that allows you to project a landscape or other photo as your background when the video is on.

A handy feature if you work from home and don’t want people to see your home, or if you’re out and don’t want others to know where you are.

It’s very easy to use, so please give it a try! It’s interesting.

Windows and Mac PCs can also be used by meeting the specifications of the PC.

If it is a paid version, cloud recording (recording) is also possible

By switching to the paid version of the application “Zoom Cloud Meetings”, it is possible to record the content of web conferences and seminars on the cloud .

You can record even with the free version, but the storage destination is only the HDD (local storage) of the PC, and it is possible that it will put pressure on the capacity. ) is recommended to be saved.

It is very troublesome to share and download recorded meetings and seminars with local storage, but cloud storage is convenient because it can be easily shared and downloaded.

You won’t need to look back at meetings that used a recorder until now, and you can use it to share and download seminar content for those who were unable to attend.