Don’t worry about malicious complaints! Points for complaint calls [by case]


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When answering the phone, one of the things you have to do, more or less, is the call from the complainer.

Complaint handling is an opportunity to increase the company’s fans and improve its image if it is handled well.

In addition, although it is a small part, some nuisance complainters, called monster complainters, will cause long-term problems for companies if left unattended, so it is necessary to deal with them quickly and appropriately. is.

In this article, we have summarized the points you want to keep in mind when dealing with complaint calls.

Basic stance on responding to complaint calls

Complaint calls come suddenly, so it is not possible to prepare in advance.

Remember the basic stance of responding so that you do not panic even if you answer the phone and find out that it is a complaint.

speak slowly in a calm voice

When answering a normal phone call, it is said that “speaking in a brighter voice that is one tone higher than usual” will give a good impression .

However, a cheerful voice can have the opposite effect when dealing with complaint calls.

A soothing tone of voice is best, as it gives the impression of sincerity.

Answer the phone with a bright tone when you first speak, and lower your tone when you realize that someone is complaining.

Even if the other person is emotional and talks fast, don’t be tempted to speak fast. You can calm down the Kramer by speaking slowly.

Take a memo

When dealing with complaints, it is necessary to accurately grasp the situation in order to confirm the facts, so it is important to make a note of what you have heard.

Depending on the content of the complaint, it may be handed over to the boss or other departments.

If information sharing is insufficient, the other party will have to explain the same thing over and over again, which will further damage their confidence.

It is also important to know how the other party reacted to this guidance .

After responding to complaint calls, organize them so that you can explain them in chronological order.

give a thumbs up

While the other person is speaking, nod or nod in response.

If you are silent, the other person will be worried whether you are listening properly.

Also, instead of just mechanically saying “yes” and “yes”,

  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “Goodbye”
  • “You must have had a terrible experience.”

Choose appropriate words that are close to what the other person is saying .

Take time to check things you can’t decide

In the case of complaints, it may not be possible to make a judgment based on the other party’s story alone, or it may be necessary to check the facts in detail.

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You may not be able to decide the solution on your own.

Don’t give wrong answers or sloppy answers, saying, “I have to answer on the spot.”

If you can’t decide right away, take time to confirm.

If you put the call on hold and check it, the other party will be charged for the call, so it is better to call back .

The recommended turnaround time is within 30 minutes. Even if you haven’t come to a conclusion by then, you can reassure the other party by contacting them about the progress.

Create a manual for dealing with common complaints

We may receive the same complaint many times, such as when there is a defect in a specific product.

If the content of the complaint is the same, but the response is different depending on the person who answers the phone, the company will lose credibility.

Create a manual for handling common complaints and share information so that anyone can respond in the same way.

[By type] Points for complaint calls

Complaints are not limited to things that can be judged objectively like defective products, so it is necessary to explore the needs of the other party hidden behind the complaint.

Check out our policies for handling major complaint types.

Product complaint

There are two types of product complaints:

  • Defective product
  • Depending on how the customer uses and feels

Check the details and decide which one applies to you.

Defective product

If the product is defective, we will offer a replacement or return after we apologize for the inconvenience.

It is the company’s responsibility, so it is important not to push the company’s convenience unilaterally on returns and exchanges, but to consider the other party’s intentions.

In addition, except for cases where damage such as injury occurs due to product defects, compensation beyond the product price is not required in principle, so please be careful if you make an excessive request.

Depending on how the customer uses and feels

If there is a problem with the method of use or if the image of the product is different, it is due to the customer’s convenience .

However, there is a possibility that the cause may be insufficient product explanations or expressions that are difficult to understand.

We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and ask for your understanding.

Also, in order to prevent recurrence, we must not forget to review the product description, etc.

Dissatisfaction with service

Customer complaints such as “slow response” and “poor service quality” are what customers are asking for service improvement .

Customers who complain about service can also be considered repeat customers.

Many of them tell us their requests on the premise that they will continue to use it in the future.

Apologize for the inconvenience caused to the customer, thank you for your opinions and suggestions, listen to complaints and requests, and coordinate information with related departments.

Complaints about staff and customer service

Complaints about people, such as “the customer service attitude was bad” and “there is no smile” , are largely due to the customer’s perception.

In complaints about customer service, customers often feel relieved when they say, “I was able to understand my feelings” and “I received an apology.”

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Regardless of whether there was a problem with the staff’s behavior, apologize for making the customer feel uncomfortable, and show empathy to calm the anger.

Of course, in-house fact-checking is also important.

Don’t take what you hear from the customer without question, ask the staff for details about the situation, and use it to prevent recurrence and for future employee training.

customer’s misunderstanding

Some of the complaints are due to misunderstandings by customers, such as “I made a mistake with the reservation date” or “I confused it with another company’s product or service.”

If you realize that the other party has misunderstood, pointing out the mistake to their face will make them feel embarrassed.

By asking questions such as “Do you have an email when you made a reservation?” or “Can I ask you for the name of the product?” is a good idea .

How to deal with malicious complaints

In dealing with complaints, even if there is nothing wrong with you, it is basic to show empathy by being as empathetic as possible, and to apologize for making you feel uncomfortable.

However, dealing with monster complaints is a different story.

Malicious claimers are

  • Seek compensation beyond the damage you have suffered
  • harassment such as threats and slander
  • Complain persistently

Etc. If you respond properly, you will be deprived of time and energy.

Take a resolute attitude when dealing with malicious complaints.

not easily admit fault

In the case of malicious complaints, do not easily admit fault on the part of the company.

Also, it is NG to apologize reflexively because you feel intimidated even though there is nothing wrong with you.

If you apologize, you will be admitting your fault, and it will give you an opportunity to escalate your demands to “take responsibility.”

However, if the other party’s point is justified, you need to apologize sincerely.

do not respond to unreasonable demands

Of course, you do not have to respond to requests for money or unreasonable demands such as “fire the staff”.

“Dogeza shiro” is the same. Dogeza itself does not solve anything, it is just that Kramer wants to gain a sense of superiority.

If you can move this as you wish, it will only increase the claimer.

Don’t be intimidated, and be clear about what you can’t do or shouldn’t do.

multiple names

If you deal with malicious complaints by yourself, the mental burden on the respondent will increase, which may lead to mental health problems, leave of absence, or resignation.

Also, one-on-one with the complainer may make it impossible to make objective judgments.

When dealing with monster complaints, share information with your team and work with multiple people.

leave a record

By recording the call with the claimer, it will be evidence of the trouble “said” or “not said”.

When recording, you should say, “I don’t want any misunderstandings, so may I record the contents?”

Telling them that you intend to record them as evidence also has the effect of deterring verbal abuse and threats .

Legal action if not resolved

If the nuisance by the monster claimer is excessive, it is time to consider legal action.

If you file a complaint with the court through a lawyer and get a provisional injunction against calling, the complainer will not be able to call you in the future.

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In some cases, damages may be claimed or criminal prosecution may be filed.

“Canario” for primary response to complaints

Many people think that they do not want to take complaint calls if possible.

In particular, right after the call is connected, the other party is the hottest, so you may suddenly get angry or yell at them.

Also, if the content of the complaint is not communicated to someone who is not in charge, or if it is passed around, the complainter’s anger will increase.

Therefore, I would like to recommend the telephone support service “Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

With “Canario”, AI will answer the phone, so there is no need for primary support by employees.

By forwarding calls and leaving messages through AI, the person in charge can respond without involving unrelated employees, making complaint calls smoother.

  • When the phone rings, AI is the primary response. Calm the claimer by entering one cushion
  • If there is a name of the person in charge, the call can be transferred, so the transfer to the person in charge is smooth
  • When you receive a message, convert it into text and send it. The person in charge can call you back, so there is no need to pass things around.
  • Messages remain as text and follow-up confirmation is possible

By supporting AI, nuisance calls are also shut out. It is also useful for repelling malicious complainers.

Article Summary

We have summarized the points for dealing with complaints over the phone.

  • Speak in a calm voice suitable for handling complaints
  • Appropriately timed nods to show understanding
  • Don’t forget to check the facts
  • Try to respond without denying the customer
  • Respond resolutely to malicious complainers

In handling complaint calls, it is important to understand the feelings of the other party, which is different from normal telephone intermediation.