Detailed explanation of how to share the iPad screen! Sharing photos and cloud is OK

Detailed explanation of how to share the iPad screen! Sharing photos and cloud is OK

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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings with 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity.

Due to the high performance of mobile devices, it has become common for businesses to carry iPads and tablets instead of personal computers.The use of mobile devices, which are lighter, smaller, and easier to handle than laptop computers, has become firmly established for salespeople’s presentations and on-site document confirmations.

As long as you have an iPad, you can participate in a Zoom meeting from outside without having to carry a heavy computer around, but I’m wondering how much of what you can do with Zoom on your computer can be done with an iPad.

In particular, Zoom’s screen sharing is no longer an indispensable tool, and there may be many needs to use it from the iPad.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to do Zoom screen sharing on iPad.

About Zoom’s screen sharing function

About Zoom's screen sharing function

First, I will introduce the screen sharing function that can be used with the Zoom desktop client on a personal computer.

desktop sharing

A feature that allows you to screen share the entire desktop of your device.

Since the screen you are looking at is shared with other participants as it is, you can switch apps or launch multiple apps for multitasking.

If you have multiple displays, you can choose which display to screen share.

Window (app) sharing

Screen share only the window of the selected app.

Other apps and desktop screens cannot be seen by the other party, so window sharing is convenient when you do not want to show unnecessary things.

Since the screen sharing range is “per window”, keep the following points in mind when selecting the sharing range.

  • If the same app is running in multiple windows, you can select each window
  • If you have multiple tabs open in one window on your web browser, they are all shared.

partial screen sharing

The Zoom desktop client on your computer also has a feature that allows you to spot screen share only the part you select with a square frame.

The selection area can be moved freely by dragging even during screen sharing, and it is also possible to switch applications within the selection area.

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If you want to flexibly change the screen sharing range, try using partial sharing.

Cloud storage file sharing

If you want to share a PDF or PowerPoint file stored on your device, simply open the file while sharing your desktop.

Files stored in cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive can be shared by connecting to each cloud storage from Zoom by selecting “File” in Zoom’s screen sharing.

How to share screen with Zoom app on iPad (iPhone)

How to share screen with Zoom app on iPad (iPhone)

Screen sharing from an iPad or iPhone is possible only with the standard functions of the Zoom mobile app (Zoom – One Platform to Connect).


Screen sharing from an iPad (iPhone) requires that the device’s OS version and mobile app version meet the following conditions.

If you have an older version than this, update it.

OS version iOS 11 or higher
Zoom mobile app version for iOS 4.1.18611.1228 or newer

Advance preparation

Before starting the Zoom meeting, prepare to display “Screen Recording” in the control center of the iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app on your home screen.
  2. Tap Control Center.
  3. Tap “+” next to “Screen Recording”.
  4. “Screen Recording” has been added to the Control Center.

Steps to share iPad screen with Zoom app

  1. Launch the Zoom mobile app on your iPhone and join the meeting.
  2. Tap Share in the meeting controls.
  3. Tap the content you want to share. To share the entire screen (desktop sharing), select “Screen”.
  4. Open Control Center. On iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center.
  5. Press and hold the Record button until you see “Screen Recording”.
  6. When “Screen Recording” appears, select “Zoom”.
  7. Tap Start Broadcast.
  8. Screen sharing starts after the count.

Shareable content on iPad (iPhone)

When sharing the screen from a computer with Zoom, you can select what to share from the screens open on the computer, such as “whole desktop”, “specific application”, “specific window”, etc. rice field.

When screen sharing from an iOS device (iPad, iPhone), you can select the content to share from the following.

  • screen
  • photograph
  • Files stored in cloud storage (iCloud Drive, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Website URL
  • bookmark
  • Whiteboard (iPad only)

To perform desktop sharing (window sharing/application sharing)

As with desktop sharing on a computer, select “Screen” if you want to share the device’s screen as it is.

Even if you only want to share a specific app or window, iPad doesn’t let you choose what you want to share.

However, on smartphones and tablets, when you open the app, it will be displayed in full screen, so it can be said that it is the same as sharing only one app (window) in terms of how it looks.

Note that the iPad cannot share only a portion of the screen.

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To share files

Besides sharing the entire screen, you can also share “Photos” and files stored in cloud storage.

In addition to major cloud storages, the feature of the iOS version of the Zoom app is that iCloud can be selected.

For example, if you want to share a PDF file stored in iCloud, select “iCloud” and you can select and share the file on iCloud.

Connect to a computer and share the screen

Connect to a computer and share the screen

If you want to share the screen of materials saved on your iPad while participating in a Zoom meeting from your computer, what is the method?

Join a Zoom meeting from both your computer and iPad

Zoom allows you to sign in on multiple devices, so if you want to share the screen from your iPad while participating in Zoom from your computer, you can sign in to Zoom from your iPad with the same account and share the screen.

You can only be signed into Zoom on 1 computer, 1 tablet, or 1 smartphone at a time. Source: Zoom Support

Simultaneous use of multiple devices is limited to one each for “computer”, “tablet” and “smartphone”.

In other words, it is possible to sign in on three devices at the same time: a computer, an iPad, and an iPhone.

However, if multiple devices have their microphones turned on, howling will occur, so it is a good idea to mute the microphones of the second and subsequent devices.

Mirror using AirPlay

The method of outputting the screen of the iPad to the screen of another device such as a computer is called “mirroring”.

With this method, you can share the iPad screen on Zoom via your computer, so you don’t need to sign in on multiple devices at the same time.

Here, we will introduce mirroring using “AirPlay“, which is standard on iOS devices.


  • Mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later
  • Destination computer: Mac, Windows (*Separate capture software is required for Windows)

Connection between iOS devices and Macs is possible only with standard functions, but please note that screen capture software must be installed when connecting to Windows PCs.

Steps to mirror from iPad to Mac

  1. Connect your iPad and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open Control Center on your iPad and tap Screen Mirroring.
  3. Select an output destination.
  4. Enter the passcode displayed on the screen of the destination device into the iPad and you are done.

Once mirroring has started, you can share the iPad screen output to your computer with other participants by sharing the Zoom screen on your computer.

If you can’t share your screen on your iPad

If you can't share your screen on your iPad

The reasons for not being able to share the screen with Zoom can be broadly divided into device-side causes and host-side settings.

Screen sharing requires host permission

Zoom requires host permission for guests to screen share.

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If you’re trying to share material in a meeting that you’re not the host of and the Share Screen button is disabled, the host may be restricting participants’ screen sharing.

If you can’t share your screen, contact your host and ask for permission to share.

iOS version/app version is old

In order to share the screen, the iOS version and the Zoom mobile app version must meet the prerequisites, and you may not be able to share the screen if you are using an older version of either one.

Also, if you use an old version of the OS or apps, it may cause problems, so always update to the latest version.

Communication speed limit

Zoom video conferencing tends to have a large amount of communication.

When using Zoom on an iPad’s mobile network, it’s not uncommon to reach the limit very quickly.

If the communication speed is restricted, the speed may drop so much that it is difficult to even hold a proper web conference with Zoom.

If you use Zoom frequently or have a long meeting, it is safe to use it in a Wi-Fi environment.

Article Summary

Article Summary2

  • On iPad, you can share your screen from the Zoom mobile app
  • Screen sharing via a computer is possible by mirroring the screen of the iPad to the computer with AirPlay.
  • If the screen sharing button is disabled and you cannot share, first ask the host for permission

If you save the materials used in the meeting on your iPad or cloud storage, you can easily share the screen with Zoom.

It’s safe to have an iPad for a meeting from outside or a sudden meeting.

It may not be long before the iPad, which has excellent mobility and portability, will become the center of business.