Customizing audio greetings and hold music in Zoom App

The Zoom Phone audio library can be used to customize Zoom Phone audio if you have Zoom Phone enabled on your account. Using a feature known as voicemail greeting, you will be able to customize the message that is played before a call is routed to voicemail.

Here is a list of the call handling settings that these greetings are associated with, so you can see more details about them.


Prerequisites for customizing audio greetings and hold music

  • The license for Zoom Phone can be found here

How to customize audio greetings and hold music

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click on the Phone option in the navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  4. The following settings can be accessed by navigating to one of the following locations:
    • In the Call Handling section, you can find the following information: Your call handling settings will determine which of these settings you will see depending on what you have chosen. To find out more about the audio greetings used for call handling, please see the table below.
      • Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction
      • Greeting & Menu
      • Message Greeting:
      • Leave voicemail instruction
    • Others section
      • Hold Music: This is the music that plays when you put the call on hold for the other party. It does not matter whether you are using the mobile app, desktop client, or the desk phone provisioned by your administrator, this applies to all three.
      • Note: In the case of parked calls, this setting does not apply to them. The call participant on hold will hear the Zoom hold music while on hold because parked calls are placed on hold. As of right now, parked calls cannot be customized with custom hold music.
  5. Please click on the Audio Library link.
  6. You can select an existing audio file from your audio library that you would like to listen to. You can also upload your own audio file or record your own audio using the steps in this article.

Call handling audio greetings

Note: Zoom will play a tone as soon as the voicemail greeting has finished so that the recording of the voicemail can begin. In addition, it is not common for an audio prompt to be played after a tone to state “leave a voicemail”. In your voicemail greeting, you have the option of stating these instructions if you wish.

Routing settings for When a call is not answered Resulting audio setting
  • Forward to voicemail
  • Disable both of these options:
    • Allow callers to reach an operator
    • Allow caller to check voicemail
Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction: Before your voicemail is routed to your inbox, a recording plays. It is also important to include instructions about how to leave a voicemail in this greeting.
  • Forward to voicemail
  • Enable at least one of these options:
    • Allow callers to reach an operator
    • Allow caller to check voicemail.
Greeting & Menu: The caller is given the option of connecting with an operator and/or leaving a voicemail before the option to speak with the operator plays. IVR menus should be explained in this greeting in order to allow the call handler to better understand the menu.

You will be able to see one of these labels depending on which options you have enabled for this option:

    • Greeting & Menu: Connect to operator or leave voicemail
    • Greeting & Menu: Connect to operator, leave or check voicemail
    • Greeting & Menu: Leave or check voicemail

Leave voicemail instruction:

In this example, the caller presses 1 to leave a voicemail after the initial voicemail greeting and the caller hears this message. There should be an instruction in this greeting as to how to leave a voicemail.

Play a message, then disconnect


Message Greeting: It plays a custom message for the caller, and then hangs up the phone after it has finished playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you set up a voicemail greeting on Zoom?

This article will explain how you can change the greeting on your voice mail

  1. Visit the Zoom Web Portal and sign in with your Zoom account information.

  2. You can access the settings by clicking Phone in the navigation menu.

  3. You will find the Audio Library under the Call Handling section.

  4. To add an audio file, click the Add Audio button.

  5. Upload a file to your account or record a new greeting.

Where is audio library in Zoom?

The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging in to your Zoom account. Click on the Contact Center Management tab, then click on Asset Library to open the Asset Library. After clicking on Add, you will need to click on Audio.

How do I add music to a zoom recording?

If you want to share your screen as usual, navigate to Share your Screen and click the Advanced tab at the top of the window so that you can get started with it. There is now a button that will allow you to listen to only music or computer sounds. The audio that is playing on your computer will be shared when you click this button. I don’t care what music you listen to – it doesn’t matter if it’s on Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube – whatever you decide, playing is entirely up to you.

Can you add audio to a Zoom recording?

The Zoom Phone application provides users with access to an audio asset library in which they can select, record, or upload their own audio files.

Does Zoom phone have auto attendant?

There will be an automated receptionist on call at all times who will answer all calls made to the main company number. In the case that you have multiple sites, Zoom Phone will automatically create an auto receptionist for each of them, so you do not have to create any other auto receptionists.

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