Cloud recording storage capacity in Zoom

Cloud recording storage capacity

Your cloud recordings can be stored, listened to, and downloaded from Zoom’s cloud storage. The following article covers a number of ways in which cloud recording storage capacity can be increased as well as fees for added storage for your account.


  • 1 GB equals 1024 MB
  • 0.5 GB equals 512 MB


  • The type of account you choose depends on your needs: Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise

Cloud recording storage capacity

There are various storage capacities available for each of the plans shown in the following table:

Plan Type Included Storage Capacity
Pro 1 GB/Licensed User
Business 1 GB/Licensed User
Education 0.5 GB/Licensed User
Enterprise Unlimited
Zoom Rooms 1 GB/Zoom Room


When the account holder has reached 80% of the subscribed storage limit, an email alert will be sent to the account holder. The meeting will continue recording until it reaches the storage capacity, even if the storage limit is reached halfway through the meeting.

Additional cloud recording storage

Additional storage can be purchased for the following price (in US dollars):

Plan Storage Additional 1 GB
$40 per month 100 GB $1.5/GB
$100 per Month 500 GB $0.5/GB
$500 per Month 3 TB $0.1/GB

Note: In the event of an overage amount, the amount charged will be calculated based on the amount of Cloud Storage usage during the billing period.