Check the list of Office apps and services that can be used with Microsoft 365


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If you subscribe to the cloud service “Microsoft 365” provided by Microsoft, you will be able to centrally use various apps and tools, including Office apps.

This article introduces the benefits of Microsoft 365 compared to traditional Office products and a list of key apps included in the license.

The benefits of contracting Microsoft 365 with NEC Networks & System Integration are also summarized, so please refer to them as well.

What is Microsoft 365?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what Microsoft 365 is and how it compares to traditional Office products.

Features of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-type service that makes it possible to use Office applications, online storage, communication tools, etc. on the cloud.

At the beginning of the release, the content was centered on the browser version of Office and Exchange Online / SharePoint Online, but now it has evolved into a highly complete cloud service with the addition of apps such as Teams, Forms, and Planner.

Advantages compared to traditional Office

The following is a list of the benefits of introducing Microsoft 365 compared to the purchase-type Office products so far.

Always have the latest version of the app

The apps included in Microsoft 365 are automatically updated on the cloud, so you can always use the latest functions and services without having to replace software or pay for updates.

In addition, since the security functions are constantly updated, the risk of information leakage due to cyberattacks can be prevented and a safe usage environment can be established.

Efficient data management and sharing

Data lists created with Microsoft 365 apps are managed on the cloud and can be operated freely without restrictions on location or device.

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In addition, since data can be shared and jointly edited, it will lead to information sharing and smoother communication.

Costs are fixed and easy to calculate

Since Microsoft 365 is a flat-rate service, it has the advantage that the monthly cost is fixed and it is easy to calculate expenses.

Inventory management for each version like the packaged version is not required, so it will also help improve inventory efficiency.

List of main apps and services that can be used with Microsoft 365

Next, we will introduce the list of major apps included in Microsoft 365.


Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are essential class apps with a high usage rate in the business scene.

The list of frequently used apps can now be centrally managed as Microsoft 365, making it easier to view, edit, and share files.

Access from mobile devices is also possible, so it is useful for remote work and mobile work.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool with functions such as chat, video conferencing, and file sharing.

Channels can be created for each team, enabling smooth information sharing and efficient handover to staff members who join in the middle.

Here is a list of the main features included in Microsoft Teams:

  • Online meeting / video call
  • Chat from multiple devices
  • Manage and collaborate on chats, meetings, files and apps
  • Team site creation for sharing information, content and files

SharePoint Online・OneDrive

SharePoint Online is a file and information sharing service designed for businesses.

In addition to improving the efficiency of data sharing inside and outside the company and facilitating collaborative work, it is also effective in strengthening compliance by managing version history and restoring files.

Below is a list of the main features included in SharePoint Online.

  • OneDrive cloud storage for file storage and sharing
  • Save work files directly to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Granting access rights necessary for file sharing and link generation
  • Secure document sharing and emailing
  • Sync with Windows or Mac, Mobile

Exchange Online・Outlook

Exchange Online is a service used for email and schedule management, and its introduction can be expected to improve schedule adjustment efficiency and shorten preparation time.

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In addition, it will be possible to check and adjust schedules from outside the company, which will help facilitate information sharing within the team.

Below is a list of key features included in Exchange Online.

  • Email hosting and 50GB mailbox
  • Using your own custom domain (e.g.
  • Corporate email functions on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and the web
  • Schedule management, sharing available meeting times, scheduling, receiving alarms
  • shared calendar
  • Email settings for new users, restoration of deleted accounts, etc.


In addition to the list of apps introduced above, Microsoft 365 also includes the following apps and services.

Forms It is an application that can easily create an input form. It is possible to create an intuitive form, and it is also possible to create a temporary response form in cooperation with Teams.
Planner A service for managing team tasks. Tasks assigned to a user are automatically displayed in the user’s Todo list, enabling efficient task management.
Stream It is a streaming service. Separate from cloud storage such as SharePoint, 500GB of dedicated video storage is provided. You can dynamically change the delivery quality according to the user’s network environment.
Power Platforms It is an application that summarizes related tools such as Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Apps. While not inherently a Microsoft 365 service, a free version of Power Platform is available with a Microsoft 365 license.
Yammer It is a communication tool used as an SNS for companies. You can report on the progress of tasks and projects, create communities among members with the same interests, and help activate internal communication.

It is recommended to use an agency to purchase a license.

Microsoft 365 licenses can be contracted from a sales agent in addition to the official Microsoft website.

As a Microsoft 365 agent, NEC Networks & System Integration sells licenses and provides installation support.

In addition to Microsoft 365, NEC Networks & System Integration offers a variety of applications that are useful for improving operational efficiency and digitization.

The list of applications that can be supported by NEC Networks & System Integration is as follows.

(Telephone handling by AI)
AI automatically forwards incoming calls to the office to a designated phone number, chat, or email. You can eliminate going to work just to pick up the phone.
(electronic contract service)
It is a service that reduces costs, resources, time loss, etc. until the conclusion of a contract, and realizes a reduction in back-office work. It is useful for realizing telework.
(schedule adjustment tool for business)
This is a tool that works with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar to automatically judge free schedules and schedule adjustments. You can collectively manage internal and external schedules.
(device dedicated to remote meetings)
A monitor, speaker, and microphone are integrated, enabling high-quality web conferencing in spaces such as conference rooms.
(Activation of seminars and events)
A platform with voting and survey functions. By linking with Teams, you will be able to conduct QA and voting on web conferences.
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By enhancing cloud services, it is possible to realize operational efficiency and telework promotion, so please contact us if you are thinking of introducing it.