Change the Email Address Associated with your Zoom account

Zoom users can change their email addresses via their user profiles. On the Profile page, under the Sign In section, when you are logged in you will be able to see which sign-in method is set up. Admins may be given the ability to disable certain sign-in methods as well as allow more than one method to be used for the account as a whole. The following five methods of signing in are provided to you for your convenience:

  • Work Email:
  • You only need your email address and a password to log in to Zoom.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO):
  • Log in with the credentials of your company to access Zoom.
  • Apple:
  • Enter your Apple account credentials and you will be logged in to Zoom.
  • Google:
  • Login using the Google account you used to sign up for Zoom.
  • Facebook:
  • Then sign in using the Facebook account you used to register for Zoom.


  • Your email address can be changed in Zoom if you are using an Apple, Google or Facebook email address or if you use your company’s email address.
  • Zoom accounts that use only Single Sign-On must first have their email address changed in their Identity Provider (IdP) before they can be updated by Zoom Support. To update your Zoom account to the new email address, you will need to contact Zoom Support.
  • We recommend you refer to our article on changing the account ownership in case you need to change it to another Zoom user.
  • We have written an article regarding linking additional login methods to your Facebook, Apple, or Google account if you need to add an email address and a password.

Prerequisites for changing the sign-in email on your account

  • It is free to sign up for either a Pro, Business, Enterprise, or API plan when you use your Credit Card
  • with a new email address you do not already have within Zoom

How to change the sign-in email

The first email that you will receive upon changing the Zoom account’s sign-in email is a confirmation email for both your old and new email addresses as a proof that the change has been made. For your Zoom account to use your original email address, you must confirm your change by sending both emails as outlined above. Otherwise, you will not be able to change your email address.


The reason for this is that if you do not have access to your original email address to send the verification email, you will need to contact Zoom Support to schedule a date for you to receive the new email.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging into your account.
  2. Then click the Profile link.
  3. Scroll down to Sign-In Email and click Edit.
  4. Change your email address.
  5. It is crucial that the email address of the profile using Google, Apple, or Facebook sign-in be the same as the email address which is associated with your Google, Apple, or Facebook account. It is important to note that your Facebook, Apple, and/or Google account email addresses need to be updated if you want these sign-in methods to remain functioning, unless you update the email address associated with each of those accounts as well.
  6. If you are signing in using your work email address, please enter your password here.
  7. Then click the Save Changes button.
    In order to confirm the change, you will receive an email asking you to confirm or deny the change by clicking the link in the email. As a precautionary measure, please be advised that your password will need to be reset if you deny the request.
  8. You can confirm the change of your old address by clicking on the link that was sent to your old email address.
    Zoom will appear on the Zoom web portal in your new email address as soon as you confirm the change. In order to verify the change, you will be prompted to send a confirmation email to the new email address you have provided.
  9. Go to your Zoom account to send the email.
  10. To confirm the change, click Confirm Change in the confirmation email you received.
    You will be prompted to enter a new password as a security precaution once you have confirmed the change with your new email.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to manage linked accounts as the owner
  1. To access Zoom’s web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. Click Account Management from the navigation menu and then Account Profile from the Account Management menu.
  3. A list of pending invitations and linked accounts is shown under the heading Link accounts to an organization. In addition to this, you can invite additional accounts by clicking Invite Accounts.
When you launch Zoom, the client will be launched once it has been launched. On the upper right of the screen, you will find an icon for your profile. There is an email address associated with the account with which you have signed in that you can check.
The process of unlinking users
  1. You will need to log in as an owner or admin of the Zoom account in order to access the Zoom web portal.
  2. On the website’s navigation menu, we have the option of selecting User Management, and if we go to the menu of the site, we have the option of selecting Users, as well.
  3. If you want to remove a user, you will need to search for that user.
  4. On the right side of the page, there is an icon (…) that you can click on.
  5. To unlink your account from the website, click the Unlink button.
You can add more than one user with the same settings by adding multiple email addresses separated by commas, if you want to add more than one user with the same settings if you need to add more than one user. To ensure that the email addresses are able to receive external emails, they must already exist and have the capability of receiving external emails.
It is my understanding that the only way to log into Zoom is without a Google account or a Facebook account as far as I am aware.
I believe that it is fine to use a personal email address even though Zoom asks for a work email address.

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