Zoom error on macOS: You are unable to connect to Zoom

Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties connecting to Zoom on your Mac OS device and receiving the error message “You are unable to connect to Zoom.”. You should also check your network connections and attempt to do so again. If the problem persists, follow these steps to uninstall and then reinstall Zoom. This article … Read more

How to Launch Zoom from a web browser

Overview If you are joining or hosting a meeting using Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , or Apple Safari , you will see a dialog box to launch the Zoom application. In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you can always choose to open the link in Zoom. This feature is not currently supported in Safari. Content of this article: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari Zoom … Read more

Advanced desktop client settings in zoom app

Overview The desktop client offers advanced options for audio, video, and screen sharing. These options give you more control over your audio and video feeds. It is also useful when troubleshooting. Note : These features are for advanced technicians. Switching between these options without knowledge of the device hardware and software configuration may result in unsatisfactory results. Content of … Read more

Bulk installation and configuration of Windows in Zoom App

Overview The Zoom desktop client can be configured in bulk for Windows in three different ways. Use both configuration and installation MSI installers, Active Directory administrative templates that use Group Policy for configuration, or registry keys for configuration. Zoom Rooms for Windows can also be configured with Active Directory administrative templates using Group Policy or registry keys . MSI If you want to use the installer, Zoom is GPO or SCCM can be deployed through. If you use the GPO script to install the client, … Read more

On Windows, there is a problem that the Zoom app cannot be uninstalled. What should I do?

Overview Zoom desktop client ( but not at the top of the application) out notification of “there latest update”, even if the update function you are trying to “use is on a network resource, not available. [OK] and then click the please enter a different path in the box below for the folder that contains the try again, … Read more

Failed to upgrade the Zoom app. How can I upgrade the app?

If you fail to upgrade the Zoom desktop client ( app), uninstall the app and install the app from the Download Center to use the latest version of the app. If the version upgrade is not successful due to some problem, use the uninstall tool to uninstall the app, and then install the Zoom app again. In this article, I will explain how … Read more

Zoom Application installation method (PC version)

Zoom Application installation method (PC version)

Download zoom client app The Zoom installer is distributed on the official website . Click “ Meeting Client ” from “ Download ” at the bottom of the home screen.   ” Meeting for the Zoom client when you click the download of”, it will be downloaded the installer of the client application.   Client app installation Launch the downloaded installer to start the installation. Zoom is a simple app, so … Read more

How to Install or Update Zoom on Linux Debian, Ubuntu, or Linux Mint (updated)

install zoom on Linux

Available function voice video chat Screen sharing For those users who use Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Arch, you can follow these instructions to install Zoom. It is also possible to update the version of Zoom already installed in Linux by following these instructions. Please note that: For a first-time Linux … Read more