Carrying two phones is troublesome! What is a call forwarding service that allows you to use two numbers on one phone?


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Even in telework, a phone is necessary to respond to customers and communicate with them in the same way as in a company.

It’s fine if it’s provided by the company, but if the company doesn’t lend it, you’ll have to choose between using your own smartphone or signing up for a work smartphone and having two.

In this article, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having two smartphones.

In the second half, we introduce a call forwarding service recommended for those who do not want to have two phones, so if you want to use different numbers for work and private, please read to the end.

Background, advantages and disadvantages of having two smartphones

Many self-employed and freelancers have two mobile phones, one for personal use and one for work.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of situations where even office workers need a smartphone for work as a means of communication during telework.

If your company doesn’t provide you with a smartphone, and you want to separate it from your private life, you’ll have to sign up for another line and have two smartphones.

With the advent of MVNOs and low-cost plans, it has become possible to keep costs down even if you subscribe to multiple lines .

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having two smartphones, one for work and one for personal use.


Keep your private number private

Many people may not want their customers or business partners to know their private contact information.

If you use your personal smartphone for work, your number will be notified to the other party when you make a call, and your private number will be exposed.

If it is a smartphone dedicated to work, you can make calls without worrying about the number being exposed.

avoid confusion between public and private

Private contacts are registered on my smartphone, and personal emails and data are stored.

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Some people may be reluctant to mix work data and private data.

Some people may feel that personal smartphones have apps for play such as games, and are not suitable for work.

Preparing for dead batteries and malfunctions

Have you ever been frustrated that your smartphone’s battery is running out quickly and the battery is about to run out on the go?

If your smartphone suddenly becomes unusable while you have an important appointment, you won’t be able to search for routes, and you won’t have any means to contact you if you’re about to be late.

If you have two smartphones, you can rest assured that you can use the other smartphone even if your smartphone runs out of battery or suddenly breaks down on the go.


heavy and bulky

Carrying two smartphones doubles the weight.

Recently, there are models with large screens exceeding 6 inches and models with large-capacity batteries, so it is inevitable that your luggage will be bulky and heavy.

need to charge 2

Many people charge their smartphones every day because their batteries run out quickly.

If you have two, you have to pay attention to the remaining battery power of both.

When charging at a business trip destination, it is necessary to carry two chargers.

more to manage

Having two smartphones means that you have more valuables to carry around.

Personal information is stored on your smartphone, so you must be careful not to lose or misplace it.

In the unlikely event that a work smartphone is lost and information is leaked, compensation for damages may be demanded.

Merge two incoming calls using a call forwarding service

For those who have signed up for two smartphone lines but find it troublesome to carry two phones, there is a method of using a call forwarding service provided by a mobile carrier to forward incoming calls to one phone to the other . .

No need to carry two phones as you can transfer from any phone.

When transferring from a mobile phone, use the call forwarding service of the mobile carrier of the transfer source.

However, you will be responsible for the call charges from the forwarding source to the forwarding destination, so if you forward an incoming call, you will be charged for the call .

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NTT Docomo “Call Forwarding Service”

Call Forwarding Service is a service that forwards incoming calls to DOCOMO mobile phones to other phones.

There is no monthly usage fee, but an application is required to start using the service.

Set from terminal

It is a method to set by the screen operation of the terminal body.

  1. Displays the “Call forwarding” menu.
  2. Tap “Start forwarding service”.
  3. Tap “Start”.
  4. When a confirmation message appears, tap “YES”.

Set by dial operation

This is a method to start forwarding by operating the dial according to the voice guidance.

  1. Call “1421”.
  2. If the forwarding destination is busy, press “1” if you want to register the message in the voice mail center, or press “2” if you do not.
  3. When you hear the guidance that the setting is completed, hang up the phone.

Softbank “Call forwarding”

If you are using a SoftBank mobile phone, you can use “Call forwarding” without any application and at no charge.

Set in My Softbank

You can start/stop forwarding on the My Softbank web page.

  1. Log in to My Softbank and open the call forwarding settings menu.
  2. Check “Forward to specified phone number” and enter the forwarding phone number.
  3. Set the ring time and tap “Next”.
  4. Check the settings, and if there are no problems, tap “Set”.

Settings on iPhone

For iPhone users, you can set up call forwarding from the “Settings” app.

  1. Tap “Settings”.
  2. Tap “Phone”.
  3. Tap “Auto Call Forwarding”.
  4. Turn on the switch for “Call Forwarding”.
  5. Enter the forwarding destination.

Setting with Android smartphone

This is how to set up call forwarding on your Android smartphone.

*The following is an example. The setting method differs depending on the model.

  1. Tap “Phone”.
  2. Tap “… (Menu)”.
  3. Tap “Settings”.
  4. Tap “Call” → “Call Service Settings”.
  5. Tap “Voice mail/Call forwarding”.
  6. Tap “Call Forwarding ON”.
  7. Set ring time.
  8. Tap Confirm.

au “Call forwarding service”

Call forwarding from au mobile phones uses the “call forwarding service”.

It can be used with no monthly usage fee, and features a choice of forwarding methods such as full forwarding, no-answer forwarding, and busy forwarding.

Set from terminal

  1. Tap Transfer > Call.
  2. Tap “Call service settings” → “Call forwarding/Answering service”.
  3. Select a transfer method.
  4. Tap “Forward” → “Forward number”.
  5. Enter the forwarding phone number.
  6. Tap “Register” → “OK”.

Call forwarding service “Canario” eliminates the need to carry two phones!

If the reason for having two phones is that you don’t want to make calls from your private number for work, you can use a service that allows you to make calls from your private smartphone using a different phone number.

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Call transfer service “Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration is a service that can transfer incoming calls to office phones to mobile phones.

It has already been introduced by many telework companies.

The main function of “Canario” is that AI responds to company calls, transfers calls to the person in charge, and converts messages into text.

In addition, when you use “Canario” to make a call, the call will be made from a dedicated 050 number, so even if you are using a personal device, your private number will not be notified to the other party.

With “Canario”, you can use one smartphone for work and private use.

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