Can I block sales calls? Introducing services that are effective against nuisance calls


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Among the sales calls received by companies, there are very few contents that are really beneficial to the company.

If possible, many companies would like to block all sales calls.

In this article, we will introduce how to repel sales calls to companies and services that can block incoming calls.

I want to reject incoming calls! Disadvantages of receiving sales calls

Answering the phone is one of the basic functions of the company.

However, if you are dealing with sales calls on a daily basis at your company, be careful.

Did you know that answering sales calls can have various negative effects on your core business?

consume time and effort

Once a sales call is picked up, it is very difficult to hang up the phone.

If you keep talking one-sidedly so as not to give us a chance to speak, or if you try to refuse, you will be evaded, and it will be a long-term battle.

On top of interrupting work to answer the phone, I’m so tired by the end of the call that it’s hard to regain my concentration.

If such calls continue, it will lead to a decline in business efficiency.

get stressed

It is stressful for employees to have their work interrupted or take time to respond to sales calls.

It can’t be helped that it takes time to respond to phone calls that are necessary for business, but sales calls have nothing to do with your business and have no business benefits, so it’s a waste of time for the person receiving the call. You will feel like you are wasting your time .

If you only answer sales calls every day, it will affect your motivation for work.

There is a risk of information leakage

Sales call appointers often call without even knowing the name of the person in charge, and try to extract information about the company in various ways.

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There is a risk that the employee who answers the phone will accidentally leak information to the other party, such as accidentally mentioning the name of the person in charge or giving the number of the department in charge.

How to repel sales calls and nuisance calls

Even if it is a sales call or a nuisance call, it is not appropriate for a company to hang up.

Let’s think about how to repel sales calls without making the other party feel uncomfortable.

Set to reject incoming calls

Business phones and mobile phones have the ability to block calls from specific numbers.

If you do not want to answer sales calls or do not want to receive calls, use the call rejection function.

However, since there is an upper limit to the number of calls that can be registered as call rejection, it is possible that the number of sales calls that have been received may become full in no time.

In addition, it is difficult to completely block incoming sales calls, as incoming calls will not be rejected if the company calls for the first time or if the same company calls from a different number.

Check the caller before answering the call

There is also a method of checking the caller ID when a call comes in and answering only calls that are known to be safe.

For example, if all business partners are registered in a phone book so that they can be identified, they will be able to know which calls to take.

However, it cannot be said that all contacts not registered in the phone book are suspicious.

As a business, there is not much merit in excluding numbers that are not registered in the phone book, so it would be better to adopt the form of “if you are not registered, treat it as a new customer.”

Prepare a letter of refusal

After listening to the sales pitch, it is difficult to find a reason for refusal that the other party will be satisfied with.

For sales calls, a template refusal sentence is fine, so prepare a refusal sentence so that you don’t have to think about it every time.

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Examples of refusal phrases

  • “I will refrain from new transactions”
  • “I’m asking you not to take over.”
  • “We will contact you if necessary.”

consult the police

If you refuse a general business call, they will withdraw, but if it is malicious such as prank calls, threats, or obstruction of business, please report it to the police.

Harassing calls to companies and organizations are judged to be obstruction of business, and legal action may be taken.

If you are unsure about whether or not to report a crime, please consult with the police consultation desk #9110.

A service that allows you to reject sales calls

If you want to reduce the burden on employees from sales calls, consider using an external service to block incoming calls.

telephone answering service

A telephone answering service (secretary service) is a service in which an operator answers the company’s phone calls on behalf of the company.

Since the content of the received call is reported, you can check the content and return the necessary call, and ignore the sales call and nuisance call.

Using a telephone answering service eliminates the need for your company’s employees to handle calls, but there are also disadvantages such as the operator being able to handle only standardized responses due to outsourcing and not being able to grasp the situation within the company.

Nuisance Call Filter Service

There is also a service that creates a database of nuisance call information and filters incoming calls.

By accumulating and sharing nuisance call information provided by public institutions and users, and issuing a warning when receiving a call from the corresponding number, you can block even numbers that have never been called to your company in the past.

IVR (Interactive Telephone Answering)

IVR is a system that distributes calls by providing options with voice guidance and answering with push numbers.

Only the content that requires manned response is connected to the phone, so you can minimize the phone response.

In the case of sales calls, it is not efficient to connect to an operator after listening to the IVR’s voice guidance to the end, so many people withdraw when they find out that it is an automated voice.

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Leave the phone calls to AI “Canario”

I want to block incoming sales calls, but I want to keep in touch with my clients.

A service recommended for such companies is the AI ​​call forwarding service “Canario”.

“Canario” is a service that takes over the entire telephone response work, such as AI responding to company calls, performing name brokerage using voice recognition, and converting messages into text.

The name of the person in charge is determined from the utterance of the other party and transferred to the mobile phone, so direct intermediation to the person in charge is possible even though it is an automatic transfer .

Since the response is an automated voice, it also has the effect of suppressing sales calls and nuisance calls, allowing you to focus on only necessary and high-priority calls.

Article Summary

Dealing with sales calls is full of disadvantages such as a decrease in work efficiency and stress on employees.

If you are busy answering sales calls every day, you must take measures as soon as possible as a company.

Block unwanted calls and create an environment where you can focus on higher priority tasks by using a service that can reject sales calls, outsourcing phone calls, or a system that automates answering.

AI-powered call forwarding service “Canario” can streamline the entire telephone business.

We also offer a one-month trial, so please feel free to contact us.