[Call forwarding service] How to call all departments/groups all at once?


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At the company, when I can’t answer the phone, there are times when someone else picks up the phone for me.

If you can call all the members of your department all at once like you would at a company, even when you are transferring calls to your mobile phone through telework, you don’t have to worry about missing a call.

In this article, we will show you how to make multiple numbers ring at the same time even when the call is forwarded.

Reasons why you can receive multiple calls at the same time on your company’s landline

In a company, multiple phones ring at the same time when a call comes in to the main number of the department.

It’s a common sight in the office, but have you ever wondered how it works?

This uses a function called “representative group” of business phones.

What is representative team?

A representative group is one of the basic functions of business phones, and refers to grouping multiple phone numbers into a single destination.

For example, group the phones of six members of the General Affairs department and assign them the main number for the General Affairs department.

Then, when the main number of the general affairs department receives an incoming call, all 6 phones will receive an incoming call, and the call will be connected to the phone of the person who picked up the call first.

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In the representative group, multiple phones can make and receive calls at the same time.

If you pick up the call on another phone, you can answer it immediately.

Cloud PBX can be transferred all at once

Business phone functions can be used in the office, but if calls are set to be forwarded to mobile phones, etc., the simultaneous call function will be lost.

However, did you know that there is a system that can reproduce the simultaneous reception of business phones when calls are transferred to a smartphone?

Let’s take a look at the mechanism of “cloud PBX”, which is a cloud-based telephone exchange.

What is Cloud PBX

“PBX” is an abbreviation for Private branch exchange, which is a private branch exchange for telephones.

A PBX controls incoming and forwarding calls for multiple telephones .

Conventional PBX was mainly an on-premise type installed in the office facility, but “Cloud PBX” puts the functions of this telephone exchange on the cloud.

By being able to connect to PBX via the Internet, it is possible to use Internet devices such as IP phones, smartphones, and personal computers as office telephones.

What is smartphone extension?

“Smartphone extension” is a reproduction of an extension phone using a smartphone using a cloud PBX .

  • Give an extension number to your smartphone and make a call with an extension
  • receive an outside call on your smartphone
  • Transfer an incoming outside call to an extension
  • Set up a call group to receive calls from the department’s main number

If you make your smartphone an extension with Cloud PBX, you will be able to receive incoming calls to your company’s outside line on your smartphone.

Furthermore, if you set an incoming call group, you can call multiple smartphones belonging to the group all at once .

In the case of all-calling, the first person to answer is connected to the phone, just like a business phone.

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After answering, you can transfer the call to another person by extension, so you can call, answer, and transfer as smoothly as you can in the office, even when you are teleworking or out of the office.

Support simultaneous group calls! Call forwarding service “Canario”

If you transfer the call all at once using the cloud PBX, you can transfer the call to another person in the same manner as the company’s business phone.

However, as long as it is a manual transfer, the time and effort of answering the first call is the same as when you are in the office.

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation’s call forwarding service “Canario” responds to such requests.

When an incoming call is made to a company phone, AI responds first, recognizes the name of the person in charge by voice, and automatically transfers the call.

For Standard and above plans, the IVR sorts out whether the person in charge is specified “Yes” or “No”, and if the person in charge is not specified, the group members are called all at once.

While minimizing phone calls that are not related to you, you don’t have to worry about missing a customer’s call even when teleworking.

If you can’t respond, you can take a message, convert it to text, and share it within the group , so the person in charge can return it smoothly.

There are three types of “Canario” rate plans available, depending on the application.

If you use the extension link function of the Premium plan, you can use it with the extension phone under NEC’s PBX, so it can coexist with the current telephone system.

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly fee/user (tax included) 748 yen 1,078 yen 1,628 yen
name agency
mass call
Message text conversion
Extension cooperation
free call none 10 minutes/user 30 minutes/user
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Article Summary

Introduced how to call all members of a department or group all at once using call forwarding.

With “Canario”, you can not only receive calls all at once, but also recognize names and transfer them directly to the person in charge, create a message memo, and automate the entire first response.

Please feel free to contact NEC Networks & System Integration for details of “Canario”.