Bypassing passcode when joining a Zoom meeting

There is no need for users to manually enter the meeting passcode when a Zoom Room joins a scheduled meeting from its meeting list. Bypass the passcode when joining meetings from the meeting list in Zoom Rooms simplifies the process of giving the room quicker access to its upcoming meeting. Also, when the meeting invitation is sent to the room’s calendar, the meeting passcode must be included in the invitation.

If, however, the administrators and account owners of the account wish to include an additional measure of security and require users to manually enter the password for meetings, they can disable this feature.

When joining meetings from a meeting list, there are some prerequisites to bypassing the passcode

  • Ownership or administrative privileges of an account
  • on Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms
    • PC: 4.5.0 or higher
    • macOS: 4.5.0 or higher
    • Appliances: 4.5.0 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms Controller
    • Android: 4.5.0 or higher
    • iOS: 4.5.0 or higher

When joining a meeting from the meeting list, you have the option to bypass the passcode when joining


If you would like to turn on or off Bypass the passcode for all members of the account when joining meetings from the meeting list:

  1. If you are an administrator, you can edit your Zoom account settings by logging into the Zoom website as an administrator.
  2. Click on Account Management then on Account Settings to access the zoom account settings.
  3. Under Meetings, click the Edit button.
  4. Bypass the passcode when joining meetings from the meeting list can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the toggle next to Schedule Meeting (next to Bypass the passcode when joining meetings).
  5. To check if the change has been applied, click the Enable or Disable option if a verification dialog appears.
  6. The Lock icon will be displayed if you want this setting to be mandatory for all users in your account as well as if you want to lock this setting for specific users. Click the Lock icon to confirm the setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a zoom meeting without a passcode?

Zoom Room users do not have to manually enter the meeting passcode when they join a scheduled meeting on their meeting list via the Zoom Room’s meeting list. The Zoom Rooms setting, Bypass the passcode when joining meetings from the meeting list, simplifies the process by allowing the room to quickly join the meetings it is scheduled to attend by bypassing the passcode.

How do I bypass zoom verification code?

Make sure you are logged in as an admin on the Zoom website. If you click the Advanced menu in the navigation bar, then you will be directed to the Security menu. During the sign-in process, you will need to enable or disable the two-factor authentication option under the Security tab. To verify the changes you have made, you will need to click either Enable or Disable when a verification dialog appears.

How are people bypassing the waiting room in zoom?

In the Waiting Room, you will be able to communicate with users who are not on your account and not part of your list of allowed domains. Instead, you will be able to communicate with users who are already on your account or are signed in to a Zoom account on the listed domains. Select this option and enter the domain name(s) in the box, separating multiple domains by a comma after selecting the option.

Why is Zoom asking me for a passcode?

You will no longer be able to join Zoom meetings without a password as of now. The Zoom meetings now come with passwords as standard so you are able to ensure that only those you wish to be in the meetings will have access to them. The passwords will be enabled for all meetings that were previously scheduled (including those that were scheduled by using your Personal Meeting ID).

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