[By concern] What services are suitable for call forwarding during business hours and after hours? [Smartphone compatible]


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Depending on the business type of the company, the department you belong to, the work you are in charge of, etc., there are various concerns about handling landline phones.

Office staff who are too busy handling phone calls during business hours.

A salesperson who is out of the office and unable to answer a customer’s phone.

A store owner who is annoyed by phone calls after business hours…

We investigated the best call forwarding service for each problem.

We are also introducing a new form of call forwarding service that can be used in any situation, regardless of whether it is during business hours or not, so please take a look at it.

Types of services that forward landline calls

First, let’s take a look at the types of services that forward landlines.

business phone

A business phone is the phone you use in your office.

You can ring multiple phones for one number, and you can relay calls to other seats, so you can cooperate and respond to calls within the company.

With business phones, it is common practice for someone to answer the call, ask for the name of the person in charge and the business, and then transfer the call .

For this reason, it seems that the cost of intermediary calls by employees often increases.

call forwarding service

Call forwarding services offered by telecommunications carriers allow you to forward calls from your contracted line to another phone number.

If you set up call forwarding when you are away from the office, you can answer calls on your mobile phone even when you are away, so you can prevent loss of business opportunities due to missed calls.

Since calls can only be forwarded to one destination at a time, the problem is that in an environment where calls are being made to multiple people in charge, the number of intermediaries will increase.

If anything, this service is suitable for small offices and self-employed people who want to answer the phone by themselves even when they are not at home.

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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a cloud-based telephone exchange system that allows you to build a system like an extension line using Internet lines instead of telephone lines .

If you install a dedicated app on your mobile phone, you can transfer calls between employees and make extension calls like you would on a business phone.

Although it takes less time to implement than an on-premises telephone switchboard, it requires changes in telephone operations, which can take time for companies to update manuals and establish usage.

telephone answering service

In the three services so far, employees dealt with calls after forwarding. becomes unnecessary .

However, since the time period and content that can be handled by the agency is determined, you must clarify the scope of work to be requested and select the service.

In general, it seems that standard correspondence such as telephone orders, answers to fixed inquiries, and reception of messages is often the focus.

A service that realizes telework for in-house workers

If you work mainly in the office, you may be entrusted with answering the company’s main phone or the phone of the department.

There may be some people who are unable to leave the office due to the need to deal with landlines and cannot telework.

If you transfer from a landline phone to a mobile phone, you can also call a phone number even if you telework.

Cloud PBX is the best service if you want to handle calls and brokerage just like your company’s business phone.

If you want to start forwarding easily, or if the person in charge is only for temporary use when teleworking, it is a good idea to start with the carrier’s forwarding service .

A call forwarding service that streamlines the handling of absences during business hours

In departments such as the sales department, where there is a lot of outside work, most of the calls that come to the office during business hours are often returned.

It takes a lot of time and effort to answer calls when you are out of the office, such as listening to the other party’s business and writing a message memo.

To reduce the hassle of responding to your absence, think of a way to handle calls for salespeople who are out of the office.

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If you introduce a cloud PBX, you can transfer calls to your smartphone as if you were using an extension.

For salespeople, it is possible to respond to customers in real time from outside, which is a two birds with one stone.

Forwarding service suitable for company out-of-hours correspondence

The call forwarding service is also effective for handling calls that come in outside of company business hours.

If you respond to calls outside business hours, you will be working overtime, but considering the possibility that it is an important business partner or an important matter, you cannot ignore it.

We will introduce the “forwarding service when you want to answer” and “the forwarding service when you do not want to answer” for calls outside business hours.

To answer the phone outside business hours

If there is a possibility that you will receive an emergency call outside of business hours, or if you are planning to receive a call from a customer, you should have a system that allows you to answer the phone even after hours.

In such a case, it is safe to use the carrier’s call forwarding service to forward the call to your mobile phone.

If you are self-employed and your home and office are separate, you may forward your office calls during the night, as you will certainly be able to handle them yourself.

To shut out out-of-hours calls

Next, let’s consider what happens when you don’t want to answer the phone outside business hours.

If you don’t want to respond, you can play the out-of-hours guidance to let them know that it’s out of hours now, so they may call you back the next business day.

If you are worried about losing opportunities due to not answering the phone, it is better to set up an answering machine or use a telephone answering service that can handle nights and holidays.

What is “Canario”, which automatically responds during and after hours

  • I want to answer the phone with telework
  • I want to forward calls to salespeople who are out of the office during business hours.
  • I don’t want to answer calls outside business hours, but I want to know what the call was about

NEC Networks & System Integration’s “Canario” is a telephone support service that fulfills such wishes.

In “Canario”, AI answers the phone 24 hours a day, so even if the employee does not answer the phone, you can leave the message of the received phone call as a text.

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In addition, using AI voice recognition, it also supports name agency.

Calls can be forwarded to the mobile phone of the designated person in charge, so it is possible to relay calls to salespeople who are out of the office or staff who are teleworking .

It is possible to greatly reduce the cost of telephone brokerage by employees with automatic correspondence by AI.

Article Summary

We introduced recommended call forwarding services by purpose, such as intermediary during company business hours, telework, and after-hours support.

With “Canario”, AI will automatically answer the phone wherever the employee is, so work is not progressing due to being busy with call handling work, and customer support is postponed due to going out. Dont worry.

We also have a one-month trial of “Canario”, so please try automatic correspondence by AI once.