Automatic recording in Zoom Meeting App


Own motion record, at the start of the meeting, the host is local record and cloud record is an option to be able to start automatically.

Automatic Cloud Recording starts whether the host will join with a computer, mobile device or phone dial-in if the host has cloud storage space available. If the host joins before it is used and participants join in front of the host, automatic cloud recording will also be started.

Automatic local recording starts only when the host joins from the Zoom desktop application.

Note:   From 4th November 2017 hierarchy settings are available for theZoom function. The settings of the automatic recording function set up to now work in the same way. Administrator changes may affect meetings and webinars that use this setting.

Enable automatic recording 

 To enable the automatic recording feature for all members of your organization:


  • Log in to the Zoom


web portal as an administrator with permission to edit account settings and  click

Account Management


  1. Navigate to  the [ Auto Record ] setting on the [  Recording ] tab  and check that the setting is enabled. Then  choose to record on your local computer or in the   cloud . If the setting is disabled, click the Status switch to enable it. When the authentication dialog appears, click  to turn on  and select], to validate the change.
  1. (Optional) To make this setting mandatory for all users of your account, click the lock icon and click Lock  to confirm the setting.* Note: Account administrators and owners can disable the download download feature of their account by selecting “Disable Download Cloud Recording” on the account management page.

To enable auto-recording for features you are using :


  • Sign in to the Zoom Web


portal, [

My Meetings set

either click the] (if it is the account administrator) or Not

computing settings

and click] (in the case of account members).

Navigate to  the [ Auto Record ] setting on the [ Recording ] tab  and check that the setting is enabled  

Then  choose to record on your local computer or in the   cloud . If the setting is disabled, click the Status switch to enable it. When the authentication dialog appears, click to turn on and select], to validate the change.

Note: If the option is grayed out, it is locked at the group or account level and you need to contact the zoom administrator.

Note : If automatic recording is enabled in the meeting settings, it will be set to the upcoming meeting and will be scheduled for an existing meeting that includes a personal meeting ID.

Set up automatic recording of meetings

If you do not want to turn on automatic recording for all meetings, you can turn off meetings individually.

To manage automatic recording at a specific meeting:

  1. Go to my meeting .
  2. Schedule a meeting or click], the name of the meeting, [ Edit this meeting by clicking on the order of, and then edit an existing meeting.
  3. Meeting option in], [ to record automatically in this meeting and click.
  4. Click Save



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