How to Increase Zoom Call’s Security on Multiple Devices?

Needless to say, we’re living in a globalized world order where almost everything is connected via the internet, including people. Individuals and businesses from around the world use platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime to stay connected. However, most of these communication platforms are not end-to-end encrypted, which is a matter of concern for … Read more

How to turn off the camera in Zoom

Sometimes during a conference it is not convenient to turn on the camera for various reasons. It is possible that they did not manage to reach Wi-Fi, and the mobile Internet is very slow, in such cases it is better not to turn on the video so that the speaker can be heard clearly. How to … Read more

How to flip the camera in Zoom

In order for video to be displayed widescreen or vertically during the conference, you need to correctly enable the necessary functions in the program. In 4 steps, we will show you how to flip the camera in Zoom on desktop and mobile. When using a tablet for conferencing or attending an online seminar, the settings as … Read more

How to change background in Zoom on iPhone

During the conference, you can change or download to your iPhone or iPad online the situation behind the speaker. This feature is very useful, for example, during a business meeting, when you are at home or in a cafe, that is, not at the workplace. So that nothing distracts your interlocutors, colleagues, you can put a … Read more

How to Transfer mouse control in Zoom

A short instruction on how to transfer mouse control to another participant in Zoom. This feature can be an alternative to remote work, when an employee works from home, but remotely uses a work computer. You must be an authorized Zoom user to share the demo. How to do it read here. Instructions on how to transfer … Read more

Problems with Zoom crashing? Solved

We will analyze the reasons why Zoom crashes, and also write solutions to such bugs. Due to the heavy load on the platform, errors can occur, the solutions to which are often very simple. Why is Zoom crashing? The reasons why Zoom kicks out of the conference can be: The conference organizer disconnected you; The organizer … Read more

Zoom bug 104103, 5003

It is unpleasant when errors occur, especially when you need to urgently be in touch at work, or even worse, when the organizer of the seminar. The elimination of this “bug” is very simple, and sometimes banal things solve the problems that have arisen, how to solve it is written below. This “bug” can occur for … Read more

How to fix network connection failed 1006 in Zoom

Error code 1006 occurs when the internet connection fails or is weak. If you are using a mobile network, turn off the video and join the meeting again. When using Wi-Fi, make sure that the network is not overloaded with anything, if possible, stop all downloads, downloads and software updates for the duration of the conference, … Read more

Zoom error 1012 – How To Fix

Message 1012 in Zoom during download may occur when installing the program on older versions of the operating system. How to fix error 1012 when installing in Zoom Instructions if Zoom gives error 1012 on an old OS version: Open a browser; In “Tools” click on “Internet Options”; Click on “Advanced”; Check the boxes next … Read more

Zoom error 502 bad gateway

Error 502 may appear when your computer is not connected to the Internet. To fix the problem, you should first restart the browser, and if it does not help, then the PC. Also, an error may occur due to problems associated with the operation of the server. One of the most common causes of problems is insufficient … Read more