Added noise cancellation function in Zoom App

August 21, 2018 In Zoom’s blog ” Zoom Optimizes Noise Cancellation for Top-Notch Audio “, we announced the addition of the noise canceller function.

This function is a function to automatically erase the sound of PC typing and ambient noise during a meeting.

It is now possible to conduct meetings more comfortably.

No special settings are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the Zoom desktop client, you have the option to enable a filter that suppresses noisy sounds that are picked up by your microphone, in order to improve the audio quality and reduce distracting noises.
Turn on noise cancellation
  1. Go to the website. Click on the meeting that you would like to attend.
  2. It is recommended that you click on More options Settings on the top right before joining.
  3. Click on the Audio button.
  4. Make sure that noise cancellation is turned on.
  5. Click on the Join Now button to get started.
The answer is simple: you should use to solve your problem! In your video or audio call, Krisp will be able to reduce the background noise from the background by blocking out any unnecessary sounds. The program works on both Macs and Windows computers. If you are someone who takes a lot of call, but you are having a hard time finding a quiet place to do so because there are so many people around, then Krisp is perfect for you
How to enable blur background during a meeting
  1. Open the Zoom app on your mobile device and sign in.
  2. Tap More in the controls while you are in a Zoom meeting.
  3. Then you have the option of selecting Virtual Background on Android or Background and Filters on iOS.
  4. The Blur option can be found by tapping the button. There will be a blurring of your background behind you, which will make your surroundings difficult to see.
There is a lot of reverberation and noise in this case compared to a headset, so it has proved to be the hardest case for all the apps that use the built-in mic. This is an area where Krisp has an advantage in terms of noise removal quality, while still maintaining good quality speech output at the same time

Switch between noise-control modes on your iPhone or iPad

Touch and hold the volume slider while wearing your AirPods Max or both AirPods in order to see the additional controls that will appear as you wear them. In the lower left corner of the screen, tap the Noise Control icon. If you are not sure what to choose, tap Off, Transparency, or Noise Cancellation.

In the event that you are unable to find the blurred background option, it is likely that your computer is running an old version of the operating system and therefore is not capable of meeting the system requirements as it is from an older generation.

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