[A must-see for those who want to change their call forwarding settings! ] Introducing how to operate each company’s service


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

A call forwarding feature available on many business phones.

Some of you reading this article may be interested but haven’t used the call forwarding feature yet, or are already using it but don’t know how to change the detailed Zoom webinar window smaller, other options will move to [ Details ]. There are also new settings. prize.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce how to change the settings for call forwarding in the services of each company.

In the second half of the article, we will look at the call forwarding services that you want to compare when considering using the call forwarding function of your business phone, so please refer to it.


How to change Voice Warp (NTT)

NTT offers a call forwarding service called Voice Warp.

This chapter explains how to use NTT’s call forwarding service and how to change various settings.

How to start using

In order to use NTT’s Voice Warp, it is necessary to prepare a telephone connected to a contract line.

You can start using and change various settings from the Hikari Denwa setting site, so it is a good idea to complete the login settings first.

You can apply for the call forwarding service from the toll-free number between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The phone number is “0120-116-116” and it is open not only on weekdays but also on weekends and holidays.

It takes at least 4 business days from the time the application is completed until you can actually use the forwarding service.

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If you want to use the forwarding function as soon as possible, you need to change the contract details in advance.

How to change various settings

NTT’s voice warp settings can be changed from the business phone installed in the company.

The change method is simple, and when you lift the handset and dial “142”, guidance corresponding to various setting changes will flow.

For example, when registering a forwarding phone number, after dialing “142”, press the operation phone number and #.

Next, press “2”, enter the phone number to be registered, and press #.

Finally, press “1” to complete the registration of the transfer destination phone number.

You can also change the detailed settings of the transfer. An example of the operation method is summarized in the table below, so please refer to it.

Start unconditional transfer “142” → (★ operation phone number + #) → “1” → “1”
Start Forward No Answer “142” → (★ operation phone number + #) → “1” → “2”
Start Busy Forwarding “142” → (★ operation phone number + #) → “1” → “3”
Combining Call Forward No Answer and Busy Start “142” → (★ operation phone number + #) → “1” → “4”
Stop transfer “142” → (★ operation phone number + #) → “0”

Phone operation of multi-function forwarding service (Softbank)

Next, let’s check the change settings when using SoftBank’s multi-function forwarding service.

How to start using

In order to start using SoftBank’s multi-function forwarding service, it is necessary to change the contract details by calling a specific number or setting it from the member site (My SoftBank).

When calling the number and changing the number, dial “1406” for mobile phones or “090-665-1406” for landlines and follow the voice to change the contract details.

However, this method is not expected to be available after April 20, 2022. For the latest information, please check the SoftBank official website.

When changing from My SoftBank, log in here and check “Forward to specified phone number”.

Next, enter the forwarding phone number and set the ring time.

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How to change various settings

In the case of SoftBank, various settings can be changed from the phone using the forwarding service.

The table below summarizes the main setting change methods when using an analog line, so please check it.

start transfer “142” → “2” → forwarding phone number
Stop transfer “142” → “0” → forwarding phone number
Setting the number of rings before forwarding “142” → “3” → number of calls (0 to 9)
How to set up Forward After Answer “142” → “4” → “5” → “1” → “9”
How to set remote control “142” → “4” → “3” → “1” → PIN → “9”

Change settings for call forwarding service (au Hikari)

au HIKARI offers a “call forwarding service” as a service to forward incoming calls to another phone.

Here, let’s check how to start using and how to change various settings.

How to start using

au Hikari’s call forwarding service can be set to start using the service from the web or by calling a toll-free number.

In the case of a telephone call, please contact “0120-92-5000” between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm regardless of weekends and holidays.

If you have already signed a contract to start using the service, you can change the settings related to the forwarding service from your phone, etc.

How to change various settings

Various settings can be changed from the phone or the member site (My au).

However, please note that the phone does not allow detailed settings for schedule transfer.

Check out the table below to see how you can change your call forwarding settings from your phone.

Start unconditional transfer “142” → “4” → Register/Select forwarding phone number → “1”
Start  webinar page. Here you will see a list of Scheduled Transfer “142” → “4” → Register/Select forwarding phone number → “2”
Initiate Call Forward Busy “142” → “4” → Register/select forwarding phone number → “3”

AI automatically intermediary? What is the highly convenient call forwarding service “Canario”?

Canario is a call forwarding service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

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AI automatically forwards incoming calls, eliminating the need for employees to answer the phone.

In addition to being able to transfer calls directly to the person in charge, it is also possible to make simultaneous calls to numbers belonging to a preset team.

If you’re looking for a call forwarding service, Canario is another option.


You can start using the call forwarding service and change various settings from the phone or the member site.

If you are already using a call forwarding service, it would be a good idea to check the detailed operation method etc. on the official website of the service provider.

If you are planning to start using a call forwarding service, it is important to choose the one that suits your situation.