A detailed introduction to how to change the host of the Zoom meeting and how to use the host key!

A detailed introduction to how to change the host of the Zoom meeting and how to use the host key!

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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings of 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

I’m sure some of you have had the experience of accidentally leaving a meeting you’re the host of and feeling frustrated when the Zoom meeting ended.

In fact, Zoom is designed so that if the host accidentally selects “End” when leaving, the meeting ends at that moment.

It’s a pity to stop a meeting that was proceeding smoothly due to your own clumsiness.

Therefore, in this article, I will focus on three points.

  • Techniques for rehosting mid-meeting
  • About host keys and co-hosts
  • Points to note when changing the host

By all means, let’s refer to it and be able to change the host smoothly.

How to change the host during a Zoom meeting [PC/smartphone]

I will immediately tell you about the technique to change the host during the Zoom meeting.

If you join the meeting as a host, keep this in mind.

Technique for changing the host during a Zoom meeting [PC]

The first is the technique of changing the host during a Zoom meeting.

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Select Manage Participants in Host Management
  2. Create a participant list and choose who you want to manage
  3. Hover over participant name to select details
  4. choose to host
  5. “Do you want to change the host to ◯◯ (participant name)?”
  6. Confirm that the host has been changed, exit and you are done

By handling it well, you can easily change the host.

The host change steps are the same for both Windows and Mac.

The person who received the permission by changing the host will be able to control the participants, record, share the screen, etc.

Technique for changing the host during a Zoom meeting [smartphone]

Even if you joined with the Zoom app, you can change the host.

  1. tap a participant
  2. Tap the name of the person you want to change host
  3. Tap Make Host
  4. Tap Yes when “Do you want to change the host to ◯◯ (participant name)?”
  5. Exit when host change is confirmed
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The same steps can be used to change the host on an iPad as well as an iPhone.

For those who have changed the host and received the authority of the organizer, “You are now the host” is displayed at the top of the screen for about 3 seconds.

Techniques for starting a meeting with a Zoom host key

In fact, Zoom can hold a meeting without a host by using a host key.

I will tell you what a host key is and the techniques to run a conference.

What is a host key?

A host key is created for someone other than the person who created the meeting to be the host.

If you get a host key, you can freely control it as a host.

By the way, only users with paid licenses can create host keys.

Also, the host key can be changed at any time.

You can change the ID string to make it easier to remember, or change it every time for security.

How to host a meeting using a host key

I will tell you the technique to receive the host key from the Zoom meeting organizer and become the host of the Zoom meeting.

  1. Run a meeting using a Zoom meeting URL
  2. select participants
  3. Pick Host Request for Participant List
  4. Enter the host key you shared
  5. Pick a host request
  6. Complete if you are the host

In order to run a meeting using the host key, you must have joined the Zoom meeting in advance.

In order to be able to operate without the organizer, you must allow “participation before the host” in the host settings, so be careful.

Co-host is paid license only

Let me tell you about co-hosting.

It is useful for smoothly proceeding with meetings with a large number of people.

We will tell you what co-hosting is, how to enable it, and techniques.

What is a co-host?

Co-hosting means giving participants in a Zoom meeting the same rights as the host.

Only one person can act as a host in change host/host key.

However, you can have multiple hosts in your Zoom meeting at the same time by naming co-hosts.

Co-hosting is only available to those with a paid license. A free license is fine for the co-hosting party.

Co-hosting is great for running Zoom for large online events. For large events, there will be more than one manager.

If multiple people have co-host authority, it is possible to control smoothly without the organizer moving.

Techniques for enabling co-hosts before the meeting

Change the settings before the meeting to name co-hosts.

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We recommend enabling it when scheduling a meeting.

The first is the technique of changing settings.

  1. go to user settings
  2. Select meeting tab
  3. Turn on co-host
  4. Turn ON when a confirmation dialog is displayed

It is often set to OFF by default, so be sure to check that it is set.

The above are user settings, but you can also change the settings for each meeting.

Just go to the Meetings tab and set up a co-host before the meeting starts.

If there is a difference between the cases where co-host setting is a must and the case where it is not set for each meeting, it is a good idea to set it for each meeting.

How to use a co-host during a meeting

Now that you’ve enabled co-hosts, let’s actually open a Zoom meeting and name the co-hosts.

  1. Mouse over participant’s video
  2. Select “…”
  3. Choose to co-host
  4. Completed if the participant is displayed as (co-host) in the participant list

If a Zoom meeting participant becomes a co-host, they will have almost the same control as the host.

Once you’ve set it up, make sure it’s set up as a co-host.

Another technique is to co-host from Manage Participants.

Try both ways and use the technique you are most comfortable with.

What co-hosts can control

There are a few differences between co-hosting and hosting on Zoom.

If you use a joint host, let’s refer to it.

what you can do detailed content
Stopping and starting recording You can control recording
Mute and unmute the microphone Audio can be turned off and on
spotlight video _ Video can be pinned to specific participants
Participant hold Participants can be made to wait in the waiting room
change name You can change the displayed name to make it easier to understand.
Permission to record Allow participants to record
Delete participant Participants can be kicked out of the meeting if they behave inappropriately

Co-hosts do not have control over subtitles and breakout rooms.

If you want control, let’s make a request directly to the organizer.

Things to keep in mind when changing the host in a meeting

Finally, I would like to talk about when Zoom meeting time limits and host changes don’t work.

Please read and understand in advance.

Timeout when using free license

There is a timeout when holding a meeting with a free Zoom license and changing the host.

The time limit is 40 minutes.

This happens when a free license person runs the meeting as the host.

Note that rehosting from a free license host to a paid license does not remove the 40 minute time limit.

To rehost Zoom without timing out, start the Zoom meeting with a paid license.

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Doing so extends the timeout period to 24 hours, so it’s practically unlimited.

Check the version if the host change doesn’t work

If you can’t change the host, check the version of the Zoom app/browser.

Zoom is always a new version, and it is often the case that you cannot use the host change etc. unless you update it.

If you are using an app, you can also check if it is the latest version by searching on the App Store or Google Play store.

If you’re using a browser, you can view it by selecting the user’s icon and selecting About Zoom.

If you can’t do it at all, you may have a problem, so let’s contact the support center.

Summary: Let’s proceed with the web conference by using the host change skillfully with Zoom!

This time, I told you about changing the host of Zoom.

Zoom will force quit if the host makes a mistake when leaving the meeting.

If you are participating as a host, be sure to change the host before leaving the meeting.

We also talked about techniques for using host keys and co-hosting.

It can be used when having a meeting with multiple people.

You can control the same as the organizer, so please use it flexibly.